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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. It was like a giant Brit award that was being projected onto.
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  2. The caption!!!!!
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  3. A true ally!
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  4. She definitely lurks on here.
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  5. Icons stanning icons, we love to see it!
  6. Is that genuine or a p*ss take?
  7. Probably genuine knowing Jade.
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  8. Yep, and she isn’t wrong about icon Lisa Scone-Lee.

    Off topic, but with Saturday Night Takeaway back tomorrow, this series would be a really great booking for Steps if they can manage it again this series. Hopefully to perform something other than Tragedy this time.
  9. It suddenly feels like time has flown since Tears on the Dancefloor. Can’t believe we’re about to do it all again.
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  10. MB


    Can’t come soon enough!
  11. Is the tour likely to go on sale with the album for bundles?

    I’m guessing the album will be mid to late April again.
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  12. Yep it should be at the same time really. Expect to probably be offered about 100 bundles, five different coloured cassettes (Claire’s will be watermelon, obviously), three different coloured warped vinyls and a signed used gym sock from Lee.
  13. Probably isn’t going to happen but I’d love them to put instrumental versions of the singles out on releases. It’s easy money for them.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Literally one of us
  15. Fucking hell. Talent stanning talent.

    Touch me I'm electric indeed.
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  16. Oh great I'm gonna spend the rest of my afternoon bingeing on Totally Scott Lee again aren't I.
  17. MB


    It’s what Nana Scott-Lee would have wanted.
  18. They really went in for Michelle Heaton didn't they. I can't work out if it was deserved or just a very bad edit.
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  19. Oh it's definitely deserved isn't it.
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  20. It's amusing when Lisa is seething that Liberty X scored a Top 5 hit with Song For Lovers

    You can tell Michelle is loving being part of what Lisa is desperate for yet cant achieve.
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