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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Re: Steps Day

    Steps had some great tunes, but as a pop product, they set back the 'pop' movement a few years, something PJ is alluding to on the homepage.

    Pop is now just about moving back into its rightful place as a cover-all ageless genre, something Steps and their ilk did a lot to destroy back in the day.

    In short, I'm doing a two-step on their tombstone.
  2. Re: Steps Day

    the charts seem to be moving away from that now though, theres a lot more manufactured 'pop' coming through and less singer/songwriter/proper bands.

    That wasn't really STEPS fault though was it. There were plenty of other groups around at the time doing the same, its just STEPS that did it better and worked it.
    Plus they were manufactured, they had very little say in what songs were made and how they sounded.

    They were just starting to break free from the SAW/PWL dated sound when they split, with tracks like Here and now, and its the way you make me feel... They did get better with every album. It would have been nice to see them do an album post the GH that was free from the PWL influence.

    looking at them, they were the girls aloud of their time
  3. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Re: Steps Day

    Awww, Lee got to sing a few lines in that 'Ghostbusters' clip... Bless.

    Didn't The Tweenies cover a self-written solo song of his from one of the tours?
  4. Re: Steps Day

    Yeah it was called We Gonna Have A Party. I've never heard The Tweenies version. (Close To Me from the Gold Tour was his best written song)
  5. Re: Steps Day

    That is genius. It's like there must have been some sort of masterplan.

    I find that watching the End Of The Road DVD is very upsetting! All the thank-yous throughout because they knew they were splitting after the tour, but hadn't announced it. And Claire's heart-wrenching tears after Chain Reaction at the end, she couldn't even speak, it brings tears to my eyes.

    I will still never get over the atrocity that is 'Experienced' tho.
  6. Re: Steps Day

    I saw this in HMV today and couldn't stop staring at it. In a trance, i was.
  7. Re: Steps Day

    Why is there never a Pop! day :-(
  8. Re: Steps Day

    There would be had they released Xanadu
  9. Re: Steps Day

    Quite, and for all of you who moan about the abundance of singer-songwriters in the charts, along with the credibility heaped upon them, look no further than the proliferation of 'manufactured' bubblegum pop in the mid to late '90s.
  10. Re: Steps Day

    oh come on their version would have sounded as out of date in 2004 as it would have in 1987.... it would have hit #34 with a bullet
  11. Re: Steps Day

    Aww, Steps. They hold a special place in my heart. I'll never forget going online and seeing STEPS SPLIT on Gensteps, fresh from seeing the Gold Greatest Hits Tour on Dec. 22nd.

    I was a bit upset.....
  12. Re: Steps Day

    She was older! Older by years she was...

    GOD, why do I still remember that?
  13. Re: Steps Day

    Oh god, Experienced really was awful, isn't it? And of course it was my favourite back in the day. I basically grew up with bands like Spice Girls and Steps, and then later S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten. If I want a bit of nostalgia, I will throw a bit of Steps on. Unfortunately I have forgotten all of the dance moves apart from Tragedy. :(

    I also saw them support Britney on tour, right after I had moved to America, and I remember my sister and I being more excited for Steps.
  14. Re: Steps Day

    I HATE steps but theyre song 'the way you make me feel' is sooo good..haha
  15. Re: Steps Day

    its been burned into our minds its awfulness was re-created in my best friends girl on their second album.

    someone in steps A&R team was blatently taking the piss with those two tracks!
  16. Re: Steps Day

    I still miss Steps. 'After The Love Has Gone' should have been a number one!
  17. Re: Steps Day

    On December 26, 2001, i just plain refused to believe Trevor MacDonald when he said they'd split up. Madness.
  18. Re: Steps Day

    Boxing Day has never quite been the same since 2001. I light a candle for them every 26th December and have a one minute silence...
  19. Re: Steps Day

    The worst thing was watching them perform on Live and Kicking (or whatever it was called) the next day. I just got utterly, utterly confused by that.
  20. Re: Steps Day

    did you not know of pre-records then?
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