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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Hmmm... I kinda feel like they’ve worn out When I Said Goodbye now. I think It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is safe. Potentially Story of a Heart and then a new ballad from the album would be nice. Maybe even a ballad version of an upbeat classic could be nice. The one they did with Better Best Forgotten was lush.
  2. Honestly, I really like Only In My Dreams but the track itself sounds rushed like it was a demo that was just stuck on because they didn’t have anything else to stick on it.
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  3. W2K


    I fear the “ballad version of an upbeat classic” would end up being Claire’s solo version of One For Sorrow and that scares the life out of me. It peaked on the last tour and honestly I don’t think the arrangement ever needs changing again.
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  4. Thinking of steps new music videos has me hyped. so we think the new music video was already been recorded they really know how to keep a secret don’t they. Happy to know there proud of the album also.
  5. It’s true. Steve’s gonna have a job this time around. The bar has been set very high
  6. We don’t think it’s been recorded. We know it has sis.
  7. W2K


    Hopefully you’ll get that band version of All Out of Love you’ve so desperately wanted all this time.
  8. Not a pop band righting the wrongs of the past. Spice Girls could take note.
  9. I’d be quite happy for this to never happen.
  10. We all would. Well, almost all of us.

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  11. Now we’ve just got to get it a physical release.
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  12. It looks as though everything's gone be pretty big/heavy/ready promo wise this time for single no. 1.

    The video for Scared was filmed after its release wasn't it, so it might have lost out a bit because the pelromo vid wasn't there. If this is a definite shoot for Steps then the videos in the bag. When they announce/release it, the video will be ready for the music channels and promo slots.

    Has Rylan been re-employed by This Morning? Remember he "did more promo than the 5 of them together" at the start of the last era.
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  13. I can only really see them keeping Scared Of the Dark and Neon Blue for the next tour.

  14. It's time to begin, now count it in, ready steady cook!
  15. Pasta Alla Clara versus Lee’s protein shake.
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  16. The set photos look amazing. I can’t wait for their return. They’ve been missed!
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I actually find the set pieces rather static. But intriguing.
    Hope there's more to the video though
  18. anyone wanna take a guess what the single is called or about by those set photos?
  19. Neon Light (Up The World)
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  20. If you had to equate Steps with the Spice labels how would it be?

    Baby - Faye (because she seems to get on with everyone)
    Sporty - Lee (because yes.)
    Ginger - Lisa (because she is more business/driven maybe)
    Scary - H (because he’s the loudest)
    Posh - Claire (because she wants tuna, NOT watermelon)
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