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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Good things come to those who wait.
  2. I used to pause this a lot on my VHS
  3. At least being in lock down we can save our going out funds for 17 versions of the album and 9 tickets for the tour.
  4. I’m quite glad they aren’t up against Little Mix, then.
  5. But if most mainstream artists postpone then God knows who they'll be up against. It could be a full top10 of new releases they'll be up against
  6. MB


    I’m sure they’ll be fine and their team will plan it well and release at the best opportunity. I expect summer will be ok, only Sam smith and Gaga have pushed back. Then Paloma faith has delayed launching, I’m sure there are others.
  7. Are we going up against a Sheeran or an Adele?
  8. They probably wouldnt be competing for the same end of the charts.
  9. Dancing on ice feels like a long time ago now
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  10. I’d already gotten my tour fund ready and now it’s taking all of my strength not to dip into it.
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  11. You can dip into it as long as you are doing so to buy wine to drink whilst watching their previous tours. Get some Doritos too...!

  12. Noooo. Get an aperol spritz.

  13. Flop bottom.
  14. I too dreamt about the comeback - the new single was sonically almost identical to Scared of the Dark (as After the Love Has Gone is to One for Sorrow), they were wearing woollen snoods in the video and Lisa had the opening lines. That was it.
  15. At this point, I can’t label myself as anything!
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  16. Just imagine Claire, Faye & Lisa singing this. Since the lock-down I have been watching Smash again, shame it was cancelled after 2 seasons.
  17. Raza Jaffrey can get it
  18. I'm so glad we've still got Steps to look forward to and the campaign didn't start and get lost in this awfulness.
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  19. MB


    Why the general public aren’t following the rules when we’ve got new steps at the end of this is beyond me!
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  20. I understand how the campaign is already meticulously planned but I'd be so tempted to drop the lead single and video now because "Steps coming to the rescue during a time of crisis" just writes itself.
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