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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I couldn't be bothered which forum we're in, no matter how you look at it - they haven't been active (as a group) since Summer 2018 so whether some moderator moves the forum to a comeback corner or nor doesn't bother me, but Joe public don't even class them as being active so what's the issue.

    As for having the remaining Studio versions of the tour stuff, I think we've had as many as we're going to have... But if they own the footage of the Lytham gig then now would be a decent time to make that available online IMO.
  2. That's a genuinely good call, actually. I wonder if they do own the footage, though? Did they ever buy their back catalogue? Anyone know?
  3. Surely they must have owned some of it? The footage Lytham Festival themselves broadcast were of Summer of Love, Better the Devil You Know and 5678 - so would they not be in trouble as they broadcast them shortly after the performance?
  4. As far as I’m aware, still all under the control of Sony.
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  5. We got lucky with Steve Anderson randomly uploading those studio versions. His version of One For Sorrow is now my favourite - epic.
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  6. He really is a pop genius. So glad he's a part of Team Steps.
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  7. I'm messing with my iTunes today and made a new cover for Christmas with Steps if anyone wants it

  8. Lovely job!
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  9. A1A54652-FF95-4579-B431-428B1833435C.png
  10. Now I just need the audio!
  11. The 2 most important take aways from Claire's Q&A

    1. Boo!!


    2. Which one of you was this?

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  12. Pasta a la Clara is amazing.
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  13. I mean, they were miming to the studio versions, find some crowd noise and play it over a spotify playlist.
  14. Matt Pop did a unreleased remix of Story of a Heart did anyone ever hear it?
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  15. I think a lot of it was mimed yes, don’t think the solos were though. I’d just like to hear the Christmas Medley at the end as I had to leave early to get a train and missed it!
  16. W2K


    Yep. He made it available for download for a limited time in October.
  17. The cover was for the 2012 tour.
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  18. MB


    Fuming I missed this. Was it any good?
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  19. Cool. Was it an official remix or did he just remix over the top of the radio edit? Would be good to hear it.
  20. yeah I found it last night it’s good it’s start off sounding very 80’s retro. I enjoyed it anyway, between Steps, H&Claire & Lisa Scott Lee my remix collection is now at 150 tracks, keeps me going when at the gym.
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