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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. RhythmNative

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    If people request leaks in here or over PM, the thread will be locked until release date.
  2. I saw the artwork this morning. It's so terrible.
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  3. I don't understand why they'd ditch the classic logo at this point, it's perfectly Steps.
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  4. I suppose using a new logo pushes them further away from getting stuck in "nostalgia territory" since they're not going to be using the logo that the public could recognise straight away. Plus the logo they were using was really rough looking since it was likely just lifted from the Gold cover and edited accordingly.

    I'm a sucker for neon so while I think a neon Steps logo could have been executed so much better, I ain't mad.
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  5. The new logo is kinda nice though. It makes senses if Steps 6 is giving a nod to 80s sound, hence the neon lights/signs.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is your profile pic the new logo?
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  7. Yeah, I just lifted it from the artwork and made it match my last profile pic.
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  8. I'm kinda sad it's leaked. I wish they'd managed to vault it until things had maybe settled down next year.

    It seems like they've got plans to release the single pretty soon though, just feels like we're being robbed of the excitement of promo.
  9. I didn't hear a Lisa solo in the song, I thought they all had a bit?
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  10. In the soundcloud snippet which is now removed, I heard Lisa saying "mind". Maybe that's the peak of her solo.
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  11. I think she has the second prechorus?
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  12. MB


    They’ve done a pretty good job of containing the leak. It could’ve been much worse. Just need to make sure people don’t share it or send links round!
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  13. It's Claire and H in verse one, Faye in the first bridge, Lee in verse two, and then Lisa in the second bridge. And as usual, Claire's leading the sound of the chorus. All five got equal shares though in the lead single which is brillo!
  14. The reactions to the song are promising.

    From those of us who only have that questionable logo to go off, thank you for giving us hope that this will be good!
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  15. Can anyone post the cover?
  16. She sings the last two lines of the middle8 and shares the bridge with Faye I believe.
  17. Forgive me I only heard it once, hopefully when I hear it again I can hear Queen Lisa.
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  18. Honestly, things only became clearer with headphones, including Claire’s gorgeous note during the last chorus.
  19. I'm bummed that people have heard the track! I hope it doesn't hurt the campaign!
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  20. It won’t do. Those of us that have heard it will still be buying the song, the remixes, the album (in probably endless formats) upon release and it’s probably a small number of people in general that have heard it.
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