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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I have a decent vector of the logo. I did loads of logos a few years ago when I had a vector conversion app, you just need a clear hq scan and it can take seconds.
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  2. I agree with whoever said it was like a mix of Glitter and Scared. I would also add a little flavor of You'll Be Sorry as well.
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  3. Exactly! Their logo was good but I think it's good that they try to change things.

    The way you guys are describing the song makes me VERY excited. You'll Be Sorry, Happy, Glitter & Gold, a little bit of Dua Lipa... Wow!
  4. It is easily the most contemporary song they have ever recorded. Streets ahead of Glitter & Gold (which I always thought was pretty overrated).

    Also, lyric-wise, I think it would resonate during the lockdown actually.

    I guess the new logo "works better for social" as it fills more of a square, which may have something to do with it.
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  5. Yeah, agree. Great strategy if this is representing the whole album sound. A more contemporary edgier sound, but still dramatic staying true to Steps' crux. Can definitely see the song topping the chart without question gaining tractions from Dua Lipa or Little Mix's fans.
  6. What chart? I love steps, but let's be realistic, its 2020.
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  7. I'm optimistic.
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  8. I really think you need to look over the forum rules.
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  9. And the charts over the last 15 years
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  10. Thanks Lucas for the reminder. Just went over to the forum rules and had a read.
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  11. I know what the chart has been like for the past decade. It's not gonna be an easy battlefield for Steps surely but never say never to a song doing well in the chart.
  12. W2K


    Yeah Steps aren't getting a number one single...a number one album isn't out of reach, but a single? Absolutely not. Doesn't matter how good the song might be.
  13. Yeah I mean to get even a top 10 single they’ll need Spotify support and they’re not going to get that in a million years so...
  14. Number ones are a fallacy these days. They mean nothing.
  15. Nothing wrong with a bit of blind optimism! It reminds me of the old forums where every single release was definitely going to be Steps' next number one!
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  16. MB


    Wonder how many times Faye will get asked about the leak in her instagram live tonight. Some of the questions she gets asked are a bit *face palm emoji*
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  17. Which is why I can’t watch these kind of things live. I cringe so much on behalf of whoever is putting themselves at the mercy of their fans; some of whom have no concept of what is an appropriate subject to discuss in a public forum.
  18. I wonder how much Steps are aware of the leak? I mean I’m sure they’ve been told, but to what extent?
  19. The thing is about Steps, particularly Faye actually, they normally deal with the “crazies” pretty well actually. Claire seems to be the only one that tends to get enraged (and that’s understandable too) but I think they usually deal with awkward situations very well as a group.
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  20. Of course they know, they probably know more than we think we do. Like how it actually ended up on iTunes in the first place. They're not being kept in a bubble.
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