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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I’m sure you’re right.
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  2. They would of had a crisis video call on Friday morning surely.
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  3. MB


    HRH LSL looks amazing in her bikini on her instagram story. That’s all.
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  4. This is like when some shops sold It’s The Way You Make Me Feel early and robbed them of another number one.

    If the new single only makes it to #37 we know the reason.
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  5. W2K


    I feel like we’ll get a CD/cassette/vinyl this time for the single, especially now they’re with BMG, which will help their chart position.
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  6. MB


    I think they'd be grateful for a single to get to #37 these days.
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  7. Personally I think the 1st single will.
  8. I dunno if we'll get the physicals as we go on or in a collection like last time?
  9. I personally think we won’t get physicals at all unless we kick up a fuss about it.
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  10. Physicals as we go will obviously be in the best interest for the band and us, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.
  11. I just don't see why they would change anything. I'd just copy and paste the Tears era.
  12. I’d truly advise them to have a physical ready for release this time instead of a box set afterwards.
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  13. I do love the boxset though!
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  14. I just thought the box set was a nice way to close the era as they seemed to have thrown everything on it. Likelihood if they go single by single the great remixes of album tracks won't get heard.
  15. W2K


    Very much enjoying Lee’s Instagram story today. What the Future Holds is dat body.
  16. Ok, what song was thing about? I've seen it dragged repeatedly, but no one ever mentioned the title. I need to know!

    I feel stupid quoting a post from 2011, but being from Poland I'd never really had a chance to get into Steps properly. One For Sorrow was a minor hit here, but that's it. I remember seeing bits and pieces of Last Thing On My Mind, Tragedy and Better Best Forgotten back in the day on a chart show called The Pepsi Chart Show on Saturdays where they would basically present the top 10 songs from the US, UK, Australia and Poland. This is how I got to know the likes of Billie Piper, B*Witched, Sugababes, Samantha Mumba, Louise etc. I live close to the Poland/Slovakia border and we could watch their TV channels due to proximity back in the day. I can recall seeing the Heartbeat video several times and loving the song. I also had a crush on Lee, haha. Anyway. With covid19 everywhere and little to do, I was foraging through youtube and came across the Heartbeat video and wow! I still love the song! Currently watching the 2011 documentary and wanted to see what people thought of it when it was airing. That's why I quoted a post from that year :)
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  17. I imagine it was 'Experienced' - awful song.
  18. Experienced which is forever known as Track 7 I still continue to get the shudders as I recall that opening line.
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  19. I’m hazarding a guess that this was about the Step One album track “Experienced” also known as “Track 7”. The song is enough to make every known person in the land to shudder. Listen to it at your peril
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  20. Oh, good! For a moment I thought they were referring to 5, 6, 7, 8 and I was NOT having it.
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