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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. “She was oldaah!!!”
  2. Just listening to it now...what on earth were they thinking putting that on the album? Steps were very much being targeted at children!

    I know someone who interview the band back in 1998 and played Tim (Steps' manager/ H's partner at the time) the Worlds Apart original...apparently it was presented to Tim as an original demo/track for the record!
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  3. Worlds Apart wasn’t the original.

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  4. We've officially reached the end of the WWW during quarantine if we're doing nothing but devoting our discussion to Track #7. Oi! Off to shower now.
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  5. we could always speculate what’s in H’s box of Demos....?

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  6. W2K


    A very tight lid one would hope.
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  7. Any news on when the album is coming out? I thought I heard somewhere it was November and the tour in February.
  8. There’s been no official news, just educated guesses.
  9. How would sales of Tears opening few weeks have acted in a typical November album chart?
  10. Probably not as well.
  11. If memory serves me correctly, 36k first week sales.
  12. Unless they release it 2 weeks before Christmas or something then they'd be fine with a Q4 release.
  13. In q4 they'll likely chart lower, but would probably sell more overall due to the generallt increased sales overall
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  14. I really like the new single artwork. The logo they've been using since Gold has served them well but for me, the way it sits there all neat and tidy on each cover is just a bit too sedate.

    If they're going to continue as an active group there needs to be growth in their branding and I LOVE the way the new cover screams the word STEPS at you in neon (in full resolution it actually looks like a real neon sign, not just a dodgy MS Paint job). It's unapologetic.

    I really hope they don't listen to a small amount of backlash and return to the old one, because we need to move forward and we get enough fan service without demanding how each era should be branded.
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  15. Well the furore that happened when they changed the logo for Deeper Shade and Summer of Love hasn’t been displayed with this one. I still prefer the logo we’re used to but it’s good to mix it up
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    I still stand by the fact that the new excuse for a logo is absolutely hideous and I’d much prefer the old one. I understand they want to move on from the nostalgia of the last era, but there’s ways of doing that without letting Star Lily have a go at a logo.
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  17. Their love for neon blue is relentless.
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  18. It looks like it would fit in very nicely with what we've seen of the music video so maybe how we're seeing it on the cover is specific to What The Future Holds. Perhaps it's even a real neon which features in the video.

    I'd be the first to lay into poor design, but this isn't it.
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  19. Didn’t catch Faye’s question time tonight? Was their any cringe-inducing moments that I should know about? Did anyone ask any awkward questions?
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  20. let’s face it, it won’t be as awkward as the Dominic Cummings press conference yesterday
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