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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Nooooooo!!!!! On second thought … maybe?
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    I've seen a lot of bad mouthing the new 'logo' online and initially I wasn't a fan but it's grown on me and once we see the overall aesthetic of the campaign I'm sure it'll make more sense.
    As someones already said the new logo shows they're moving forward and trying to move past simply being a nostalgia act. Everything with Tears was so right so let's put the faith in them and their team that this new chapter will be just as great if not better.
  3. Initially I hated it and now...I still hate it. Maybe once I see it on a physical product or on an actual cover it’ll make sense?
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  4. Where is this divisive new logo?
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  5. I'm intrigued by this new logo...
  6. Here...

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  7. Oh.

    That's very ...1987 video store window.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The logo is fine zzz.
  9. Reading between the lines it could also be what the company that leaked the video shoot photos specialise in, so maybe it's a one off for this release only?
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  10. It certainly fits in with what we've seen of the What The Future Holds video. I'm here for a bold new look anyway and the fact they're doing this through BMG gives me that little bit extra confidence they can pull it off. Also I could see that giant logo working really well on merch. It would fill the front of a t-shirt nicely.
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  11. I put the cover in a jewel case using the templates I used when I mocked up the Tears singles:

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  12. What have we seen?
  13. The production company fucked up and shared some photos of the set on social media.
  14. What was the set? Like on location shoot?
  15. It was a very red and neon lighted bar, in a chinese theme
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  16. Not sure about the new logo but it’s all about the music really. Hope we get to hear it soon.
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    Let's hope so.
    The Gaga album has sent the gays WILD and all of my socials are filled with it! Let's hope when Steps release it'll have the same kind of reaction.
  18. Hopefully Steps can release this album before the complete collapse of society.
  19. I have a feeling it's going to be a late summer thing. August, maybe.
  20. MB


    I’d be happy with that. New steps for the end of summer. Let’s hope the weather stays good as well.
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