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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. "It was such a shock!" stepsreunion.gif
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  2. Doing my duty looking after the children of key-workers today and spent part of the day teaching them the Tragedy dance routine. One of the little girls, who had never heard of Steps before and had never heard the song pointed at the screen and asked me “What is that beautiful girl called?”

    “Faye” I replied. “That’s Faye”
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  3. Who knew Steps’ last album would be way better than Gaga’s new one?
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  4. For those that knew we were getting The One Show performance and the initial release date - do you have any solid leads on the new timetable?
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  5. I have to be honest, this new album is one of the few things keeping me going during lockdown.
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  6. MB


    I would presume there isn’t a set or even rough timetable as it all depends on the current climate.
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  7. On his radio show today he read out a comment from someone which said "can't wait for the next steps CD" didn't confirm or deny, I know we know it's coming but for the random public listener they will have had a hint today.
  8. Actually cant believe there was a leak and I missed it. Gutted I didn't get to hear it but also glad I didn't hear it.
  9. Me too. Sounds like it'll be worth the extra wait though.
  10. Yeah I'm half gutted and half happy.
    Given if Lady La Rona hadn't come to visit we'd all already heard and Steps would have been to Australia but if we HAVE to wait I'd rather be clueless I guess so I can fully absorb the greatness.
  11. It is definitely worth the wait! Sooo good!
  12. I’m glad I’ve not heard any of it. The moment we all get to hear this collectively for the first time will be Euphoric, and the most important pop moment in recent times.

    We all need the joy of a new Steps single in our lives right now, I think.
  13. W2K


    From what everyone’s said so far I think it may well be a joy!
  14. MB


    Just a case of when this joy will happen. Not to be a Debbie downer but we might have to adjust our timeline of expectations judging from the behaviour of the UK public.
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  15. Quick little spotify update:

    5,6,7,8 - 30,033,252 (crossed over 30 million today)
    Tragedy - 15,089,897
    It's the Way You Make Me Feel - 11,949,779
    Scared of the Dark - 9,264,113
    Last Thing On My Mind - 7,024,578
    I Know Him So Well - 1,001,029 (crossed over 1 million today)
  16. Can someone explain to me why 5,6,7,8 gets those numbers on spotify? Is it on lots of random '90s playlists or something? I don't use spotify.
  17. I think it's partly that and also I think it has become and more and more their signature hit as time has gone along. I think if you were to ask the average person in the UK about Steps, 5,6,7,8 and Tragedy would be the two songs mostly mentioned. Extraordinary for their lowest* charting single!
  18. Yeah, 90's, Cheese and novelty is a good sweet spot
  19. People love #Blocals.
  20. It did sell 300,000 copies though
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