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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Re: Steps Day

    Not at that age! I thought all those programmes were actually live. What made it even more confusing was, they were releasing a single at the time.
  2. Re: Steps Day

    wasn't the single out like 5 weeks before they split?
  3. Re: Steps Day

  4. Re: Steps Day

    it was still released 3weeks before
  5. Re: Steps Day

    Even so. And i wasn't a follower of the charts at that time, so to me, i thought that performing a new single on television after they'd split meant they got back together.
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    I have been having a Steps Fiesta lately.

    Baby Don't Dance = Possibly their best song.
  7. Re: Steps Day

    YES! A real highlight on 'Gold', that is.

    Though You'll Be Sorry being left off 'Gold' is shocking.
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    I can't believe that Too Busy Thinking Bout My Baby, One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Mix) and I Know Him So Well are classed as singles! They're down as double a-sides with the chart people thingy. I found out a few days ago and was shocked/miffed. I always assumed they were glorified b-sides.

    I don't see why though. Apart from I Know Him So Well, it was never made clear on the cover it was a double a-side, they never had proper videos (apart from the ready made OFS one) and they never promoted them properly. I class YBS as as a single as it had a proper video and was performed a few times.

    After my mini-rant, I may as well reel off my fav songs of theirs:

    - Chain Reaction
    - Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    - Say You'll Be Mine
    - Better The Devil You Know (I won't expand on my fondness of this version for fear of repercussions...)
    - Deeper Shade of Blue
    - You'll Be Sorry

    And I think I still know the majority of the routines...
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    One for Sorrow
    Its the way you make me feel
    Here & Now

    these are my favorite STEPS tracks. Its odd looking back but they sold shit loads to get to positions like #2, #4 and #5.
    Those kind of sales today would bag them #1s
  10. Re: Steps Day

    Can I say I don't really like all?

    I'm guessing you lot won't care. One For Sorrow isn't a huge fave either.
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  12. Re: Steps Day

    I've been ill so I'm catching up on mah forums. Leave me be.
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    I hate Tragedy too. Heartbeat's nice though.
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    I liked Tragedy at the time, it was proper catchy. I don't have any desire to listen to it these days though.

    One for sorrow is infact a classic
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Re: Steps Day

    Probably, but if they'd still sell shit loads other artists would as well and they'd still end up at #4..
  16. Re: Steps Day

    well of course different times different markets. etc

    but for a band like steps top end up top 5 these days would be an achievement
  17. Re: Steps Day

    I do think Steps could do a fairly successful reunion if it's a tour only. They were well known for their tours.

    They could probably get away with an arena tour, repackaged greatest hits and a bonus disc of new material or previously unreleased material.

    If Pete Waterman isn't interested, I think September's writers could do some fairly up-to-date Steps-esque songs.
  18. Re: Steps Day

    Oh yes, i can very vividly imagine then singing Cry For You. I think Faye would have to have lead vocals, altho Claire would definetly rape all over the chorus.
  19. Re: Steps Day

    I'm still waiting for Steps 2 lol
  20. Re: Steps Day

    I cried on Boxing Day '01.

    haha bless them.
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