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Steps - General Discussion & 6th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I remember saying it would be rather embarrassing if they didn't get to #1 releasing in the first week of the year. But I didn't bank on "Touch Me" doing as well as it did.
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  2. That’s what I thought. Maybe they should've released it the week before.
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  3. Bob the builder would probably still have beaten them.
  4. Have they really??
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Also, how were they not available last time around? Rude.
  6. Hahaha!
  7. Topham Twigg did submit a few songs for Tears, nothing was used though.
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  8. I need to see more Neon Blue love.

    People seemed to adore it at the time and now people say it shouldn't have been a single. I think it's one of their best songs. Such a moment when that chorus kicks in.

    I do adore the whole Tears... album though.
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  9. I don’t feel like many people ever adored Neon at the time. Everyone agreed it was a cute song but we had Glitter and Gold and Happy at our disposable to be options for singles. So no, it shouldn’t have made the cut over them.
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  10. There was much love for Neon Blue. I remember people being very excited about it.

    I don't agree that Happy or Glitter & Gold should have replaced it as a single. If anything, Story of a Heart should have been replaced. I love it but it wasn't really the best follow up single for me.
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  11. Wait!!

    Neon Blue did go OFF live.
  12. Story Of A Heart was literally THE follow-up of follow-ups. The video needed help but that was a damn perfect single release. Nothing else was a better option.
  13. W2K


    I absolutely adore Neon Blue, it’s one of my favourite Steps songs.
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  14. I'm with @bonnieetclyde. Neon Blue is brilliant and was an immediate favourite on hearing the album. I also do remember a lot of love for it on here at the time.

    I've never been a massive fan of Story Of A Heart, be it the Steps version or that of the Benny Andersson Band. I just find it...fine. But after Scared Of The Dark I think they needed another banger, and Story Of A Heart ain't that.
  15. I agree. Story of a Heart should not have been the second single. The problem is it had the story of it being written by ‘ABBA.’

    I would have done Scared of the Dark then Neon Blue and possibly Happy as the third single. Story of a Heart would’ve been better as an Autumn single and maybe should have been held back for the re-release.
  16. I think Story Of A Heart would of been better released around Christmas time. As others have said, Scared should of been followed up with another euro banger to keep up the momentum. Shame we don’t have double asides to balance it out anymore!
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  17. Oh hush! Hell NO! Story Of A Heart is a perfect Steps single. Neon Blue should not have been on the album let alone a single, Glitter & Gold would have been the perfect third single and No More Tears On The Dancefloor as a 4th single.

    I just hope that this time, they release limited edition physicals at the time of the digital releases. Also in an ideal fantasy world, they would have a 7” vinyl single with a b-side of an unreleased track for each single.
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  18. 78B62230-9501-4909-8151-343AAC3F08E9.jpeg
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  19. MB


    Yes to all of this.
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  20. Neon blue was the next best after Scared of the Dark. Glitter and gold wasnt single material at all.
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