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Steps - General Discussion & 6th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

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    Do all 2cd/dvd-releases of Party On The Dancefloor have these odd cd shaped round 'scratches' on the back of the box? Considering there's also a whole in the artwork to hold the 3rd CD I'm guessing it's just a... random design choice?
  2. 20 years of bustin’....

  3. I remember I'd spent all day watching Sabrina vs Two of a Kind on Nickelodeon, before watching this live on Sky.
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  4. Can’t get more 90s than that
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  5. Ah yes my claim to fame. A 21 year old mrp2910 is in this video!
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  6. Prove it

  7. There I am. I'd like to think I had a glow up!


    I think I can be seen much better in Just like the first time!

    Edit - yes I can!

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  8. MB


    “next work trip” must be coming back to hunt down chicane and get “burnt out and falling” off his pc.
  9. OMG yesssssssss LSL also must be so
    proud of you bopping!
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  10. “I think it would be nice seeing @mrp2910 bopping... or me!”
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  11. Nothing but the best for my Queen.
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  12. What would it take to get all of their singles catalogue on Spotify?
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  13. Anybody showing an interest in streaming Steps.
  14. Loved re-watching their Party on the Dancefloor live DVD last night. It's just a shame about that odd pink/beige hue they decided to put over the entire thing.

    Definitely their best live show though.
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  15. I don’t care if it was filmed in purple, at least they put out DVD’s. It’s pathetic that Steps, with their incredibly limited budget, are still able to put out DVD’s, singles, etc. and gigantic mega-pop stars with an unlimited budget can’t be assed to do anything at all.
  16. @ pop activism on twitter
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  17. I guess in a way though, the gigantic mega stars don't need to? This isn't a slight on Steps but them spending that bit of money will create more money for them whereas the hugest stars on the planet will make that regardless of what they do. I completely agree though; their want and need to give the fans what they want is great and it's a shame other artists don't share that.
  18. Is there any reason Claire's on Radio 2 today or is it just keeping a profile up?
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  19. She sounded great singing Shallow
  20. I still make pasta a la Clara to this day- one of my go-to quick and easy dishes. This says a lot about me. Don't judge me.
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