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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I saw them about four times live and thought they were great at the time but watching back one of my videos I suddenly realised how shit they were live. They had some duff album tracks, especially H's efforts, but on the whole I still give Gold a spin every now and again, it usually gets me in a mood to go out. Saying that, I haven't heard a Steps song in the clubs in years, and I used to know some of the dances, but I gave up around the time of After The Love Has Gone, that was just too complicated to do when drunk...
  2. Might have something to do with me growing up, but I do think their material hasn't aged well. I can't stomach listening to them any more.
  3. I've never forgiven them for not putting You'll Be Sorry on Gold.
  4. Dear me, I didn't realise they'd fallen so out of favour with pop music lovers.

    Listening to the majority of their uptempo tracks still brings a smile to my face. They're definitely one of my favourite pure pop groups of all time. Though I only ever listen to them once in a blue moon.
  5. well i know i'd much rather they reunited rather than friggin 5ive!!

    I can't believe so many have fallen out of love with them! we must bring the magic back!
  6. SBK


    Im also quite shocked at the people who used to love them suddenly calling them shit...

    They were never meant to be groundbreaking artists!

    I dont listen to them that much anymore, i occaisionally will have a funny 5 mins where I'll dig Here & Now out just to listen to the Almighty Mix tho...

    They'd never be the same if they reunited... but I'd still 100% support them!

    Thats rubbish! They all loved what they did, and whether you believe it or not are bloody greatful to the people who bought their records, whoever they are!
  7. They played 20 Steps videos in a row on The Hits last night. This made me smile. 'Deeper Shade Of Blue' is such a fantastic video, especially.
  8. I just found the 'video' to the last, yet scrapped, Steps single, which is them performing in concert.

    I've never seen the dance routine before - it's great. So stepalicious.

    And Lisa's hair looks amazing.

    Which is the most important thing, obviously.
  9. Anyone who#s forgotten about them and posted in the Retirement Village forum should have a look at this. It's just reminded me why I loved them. Great. Even though it's really cheesy I appreciate this mix more than the version on Gold, and the routine is great! Will pop ever be like this again? More to the point will it be successful again? Hmmm. Either way, I liked seeing this vid, although H, take that puffa jacket off. You tit.
  10. Totally agree with the above post (and not just about H's jacket), the footage really reminded me why I loved Steps so much. I've been listening to Gold for old times sake this afternoon. Now that's a Greatest Hits Girls Alould should be emulating in its track order.
  11. Faye - best pop hair ever.
  12. Hmmmm I love this song but I don't like the video. I don't like the way it was dubbed with the remix of the album version. They did sing this live on the End of the Road dvd, that's where the performance is from. They should have left the live vocals for the vid, they're great.

    Aaaw I miss them.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Not really a usefull post by me, but gooood I love(d) Steps, every time a total new song surfaced (like Tragedy during and LGAHOMH after Step One) I was sooo excited.. Girls Aloud kind of does that for me these days, but definitely not in the way steps did it..

    Still great to watch this..
    Still sad they split up..
    Still loving them a lot even though/basically because most of their stuff is cheesy as hell...
  14. Okay, now this is going too far.. I loved them at the time, but most of their music is too cheesy for me now. They actually got two albums and a "best of" released in the U.S.

  15. i suppose it would give lisa scott lee a 2nd stab at a solo carrer if they got back together for a bit.

    although i doubt claire/faye would be interested
  16. Last I heard the only one who was against it was H (but what's the loss there?).
  17. Ok, I would pay to see an accoustic Steps tour! But I would probably die of laughing half way through and be sent to A&E.

    Imagine the poster advertisements and tv ads! They would have to be in black and white with H holding a guitar and packet of skittles saying "I think we're almost as serious as Coldplay. Better Best Forgotten is a serious dialogue on post-modern social commentary and it's effect on our common humanity" or similiar.

    Ha! The tour should be called Better Best Forgotten!!
  18. I have to say, not such a ridiculous idea.

    I for one can see in a decade or so a Steps based musical. It's not that far fetched when you look at the success of the current crop of West End shows based on pop music.

    I would say it's too early for a return to the pop charts. But a one-off intimate gig of Steps hits, maybe done in a theatrical way with Steps themselves or some actors and reworked could be very, very successful.
  19. Ooh. An acoustic tour would be fabulous. They could slow down the dance routines and everything!

    *starts saving*
  20. I wonder how Baby Don't Dance would have done in the charts if Steps hadn't have split - I bet it would have been top 5! Maybe #2
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