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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    I just think, with a 24 year old established band like Steps, it needs to be a dead cert that you’re going to win Eurovision or you shouldn’t take part at all. And since Steps are a UK band, let’s go for the latter so we can enjoy the fact that they’re on the right side of “laughing stock” these days.
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  2. The song needs to be a hit in the UK and Europe BEFORE it’s announced as the Eurovision entry. The song could be the greatest song ever written and people would still hear “Eurovision” and think “crap”.
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  3. MB


    They definitely need to stay away from Eurovision. Thankfully it’s just H that seems to want them to.
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  4. SBK


    I'm sure Steps would score points. But it's not worth the potential career damage.
  5. For anyone who hasn’t got one, What The Future Holds picture disk vinyl is only £7.21 on Amazon UK.
  6. I didn't realise H & Claire was planned for Eurovision back in 2003. I dont think Steps is a wise choice at Granted they will definitely get more than 0 points but I dont believe anyone we will send will get near the top
  7. H would score more points singing on his own in Welsh than Steps would singing in English if both acts were asked to represent the UK. For the 1st time in many years the top 3 were non-English tracks... Food for thought for the BBC as they plan for 2022.
  8. W2K


    They were?!
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  9. Yeah H has mentioned it a couple of times on his radio show over the last few weeks. But they didn’t like the songs given to them so turned it down. I guess that’s why they went with a boy girl duo jemini in the end? Lucky escape for h and Claire I guess
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  10. DJ as a Eurovision entry would have been cool though.
  11. Just to take the focus off Eurovision for a hot minute - the Sleazesisters mix of Deeper Shade of Blue is giving me everything I need right now, what an opener

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  12. To think we witnessed the birth of the Ooo-ah Ooo-ah - how lucky we were
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are we talking about the sound H is making? Cause I could have lived very happily without ever witnessing that.
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  14. I think if we were in the pre-Tears on the Dance Floor era I would be all for a Steps/Eurovision entry. But... it doesn't make sense now. If a known act is going to represent us, to me it feels like it should be someone hoping to use it as a platform to get back in the game. Steps already did that.

    What about S Club 7? Or even someone like Stooshe? I think even one of the Mis-teeq ladies tweeted about doing it. I think it would be cool to see a pop act make a return and do it through Eurovision. Liberty X?

    I don't see any current popstars wanting to touch it with a barge poll for fear of nil points.
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  15. I don't agree. I saw so many comments on social media talking about the bad performance, the basic staging, the breathy vocals, the weird outfit. So as much as a large majority are probably blaming Europe and Brexit etc. etc. there's still a considerable audience blaming the artist. The same would happen for Steps. If they performed, got a terrible score, of course there would be those blaming politics but there would be a huge horde of people criticizing Steps for bad vocals, dodgy outfits, terrible dancing or whatever.
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  16. SBK


    Most other countries take it seriously and send serious popstars.

    We tend to send relatively unknowns with average songs and often average performance ability.

    I think there was a time when Steps would have been great, like 1998, or 2012 after Blue managed to get a respectable #11.
    I'm positive, Steps would be more Blue(11)/Jade Ewen(5) than James Newman, but I love Steps and I'd rather they weren't the "established act" test.

    I think these would probably fall into the UK not taking it seriously category. Sure SClub were great but they'd be a bit of a novelty act. And to Europe Steps might fall into that category too, unfortunately.

    The performance was awful, he did not perform well and the song was average compared to most of the other finalists.

    Its amazing how the British (flag wanker) press are rallying around James blaming Europe for punishing us for Brexit, when his performance on the night was abysmal. Remember the flack Gemini got when they got 0 points?
  17. The picture vinyl is currently going for £6.83 on Amazon U.K.
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  18. Now I wish I waited!
  19. I’ve just discovered this song and I’d kill to hear Claire belt this out

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  20. It doesn't ship to Ireland sadly for me.
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