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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I was a massive Steps fan and still have all the singles and albums and I've surported all their post-steps careers.

    I have to say a don't really listen to the cheesy pop music anymore. If a new artist like them came out i probably wouldn't give it the time of day, but there's still something enchanting about Steps which i can't ignore.

    I don't really listen to the songs much, occasionally I might play them, but i am more into GA, Rogue Traders, Delta Goodrem, Darren Hayes, now. Though I'll never be as obsessive to them as I was with Steps - I think that was becasue I was 10 when Steps first came out and now I'm 19! There's that children's reminisant thing I've got for them now.

    Though if they were to make a comeback I would surport it. I just can't really see me having kittens about it though
  2. They lip synched to "live" vocals - small but important difference
  3. Actually that's true. Some of the dvd is dubbed - not all of it however. They did perform these songs live in concert though.
  4. I still can't see it happening for quite a while. I would like to see a reunion on Boxing Day though
  5. Claire and Faye were interested but H chose not to take part so it was decided they'd wait until everyone was ready. I'd love a tour with a live band like Girls Aloud's What Will The Neigbours Say?
  6. Why, oh why, would H not be interested? He's the biggest joke of them all, so surely it would make sense for him to cash in on nostalgia rather than flogging himself as an 'actor'?
  7. Any reunion, whatever, I'll be there.
  8. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    yeah you just know he'd rather slip on a pair of bright yellow pedal pushers and encourage the audience to go "ooh ooh".
  9. Ditto that!!!!!!!! get them back - and lets have a1 and allstars supporting just for good measure!
  10. Of course, before all this fuss about 2 drummers in the new Jamelia video, there was the video for Chain Reaction. Pioneers they were.
  11. oooooooooooh good point those drummers in chain reaction were legendary! they brough a cetain je ne sais pas to the whole outfit!
  12. I reli wonder if Steps will return to the Popworld as it would be great seen as all the other artist r doin it!!!

    Come on Steps....get it to together an comeback with those dancin shoes an learn us summore of ur dance STEPS :D
  13. For me their music just hasn't dated very well at all...they're a product of their time.

    I remember going to see them at the Nottingham Arena on their Christmas tour and being a little disappointed that they mimed the majority of their songs, or just sang to backing tracks when S Club had had a live band.
  14. I am shocked at how candid you are but I'm happy you wrote that - it was like getting to see the truth of how you fall out of love with something because you grow up. I never liked them. I knew, even when I was a teenager, that they were shite. I've always fought for something interesting and unusual...they were cheap and nasty and quickly made.
  15. SBK


    Im not so sure they'll ever reunite, h has gone all serious actor... claire's settled down the other three are working on their own stuff... lisas probably the only one who'd actually jump at the chance...

    so ironically its again probably H&Claire's fault its not going to happen...
  16. You know, I always had this feeling that they were chronically underproduced. Tinny in fact.

    But yes, I somehow got into them, learned the moves, got all the CDs and then suddenly they were gone and now I can't bring myself to listen to most of their stuff again.

    I think it's for fear that any bats within range might flock to me at the first blast of Claire's vocals.

    I also wonder if part of this is a sort of retro-active tainting of them by the subsequent solo careers. Perhaps if we'd known what Lisa Scott-Lee's efforts would be like at the time we'd probably never have encouraged them.

    The moves to Tragedy have long since been purged from my brain by copious amounts of cheap gaybar white and oddly I'm not too fussed about it.

    That said I still have a soft spot for "Paradise Lost" and "Only in My Dreams" so I do occasionally dust those off if I'm in a guilty pleasures sort of mood.

    And "Buzz" gives me endless pleasure since a quick rework does hint at what their lives must be now.

    "I'm working on the bus, all night..."
  17. Ehh sean Steps are makin a comeback but not just yet....they all have agrreed on makin a comeback but not now as there are to many makin a comeback an they don't want to comeback while lots of acts are....Faye said in an interview awhile back that Steps would deffo comeback at some stage maybe not a full comeback but would comeback an do a tour or somethin. The main reason is that their waitin on H an he said he do it if the other were up for it so lets just wait an see what happin aye :D never say never

  18. SBK


    Dont mis - quote faye like that!

    she said if they ever reformed it'd be like a tour or something...

    and I can tell you now, they haven't aggreed on anything, i know that for a FACT! Because I've asked Lee from steps myself!

    Just cause you sign upto a message board and say its true making up fake quotes etc, doesnt make it real in anyway.
  19. Look my m8 read the interview in a magazine an told me sean.....i think its you that thimnks you know everything.....i have a funny feelin i know you, you wouldn't be from a site called Uraps by any chance?!? any if steps do get back well an good but if not life goes on....i don't care if they don't get back we always have the memories
  20. Any reunion is deffo on the backburner now that Claire is pregnant.
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