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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It feels like just yesterday we were fearing the prospect of a Diana musical using Steps songs. Now we’re another two albums down and approaching the tour. Wild.
  2. It's gonna absolutely Fly By II as well, isn't it?
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  3. MB


    I do not want to scare monger at all here but if the covid situation in the UK causes the tour not to happen I’ll be absolutely gutted. (I appreciate there are people dying and I’m being over dramatic here)
  4. Fuming if this is what the future holds etc.
  5. Kim, there's people that are dying.

    But yeah, I totally agree. I'm flying over for a 2-week vacation (my first time ever abroad, not counting a few hours in Canada driving between Michigan and New York), so if I can't see Steps, Six, Mamma Mia, etc. and/or go to the museums I'll be devastated.

    I honestly doubt it will happen though. Boris and his friends are following the "ignore it and it'll go away" approach. Appalling governance, but great for us!
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  6. "The Slightest Touch" remixes incoming...

    1. The Slightest Touch
    2. The Slightest Touch - Shortland Remix (Edit)
    3. The Slightest Touch - Shanghai Surprize Remix
    4. The Slightest Touch - 7th Heaven Extended Remix
    5. The Slightest Touch - Shortland Club Mix
    6. The Slightest Touch - Shanghai Surprize Club Mix

    No date visible, but I'd guess most likely Friday.
  7. SBK


    Well so long as Boris does his standard dithering for a couple of weeks... we should be fine...
  8. So it may have been planned after all!
  9. I already knew this site and it has the most amazing collection of albums and singles artwork ever.
  10. Thank you!
  11. MB


    Just need the proper video and promo performance now (I’ll keep dreaming)
  12. Ok here's my thinking

    Release The Slightest Touch now alongside the tour

    Then in December when we're all bankrupt from tour merch, announce the "What The Future Holds Era Singles Box Set featuring the brand new single A Hundred Years Of Winter" out in time for Christmas and drop the video
  13. Hey how did you get 02 tickets on groupon? When I look they are the only dates missing?
  14. SBK


    Probably sold through their allocation, they're likely to be the most popular dates.
  15. Is the Groupon thing a bad sign for future tours? I imagine they'll be booking less dates next time?
  16. Hopefully they'll just put it down as a side effect from Covid
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  17. Hopefully it is just a side effect of covid.
  18. Really looking forward to The Slightest Touch remixes...I've listed to it so much now, I'm ready for a different version!
  19. MB


    It is. All touring bands right now aren't selling out. JLS for example is probably about on a par with seats filled. Steps have obviously just been savvy enough to say 'you know what, let's just get bums on seats and get us £25 rather than nothing'.
  20. From the looks of it, there were only some seats here and there that needed to be sold, from looking at the Manchester one so makes sense to sell them cheaper now.
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