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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well they could go flamenco with Summer Of Love/Come And Dance With Me but yeah, I'm here for an oldskool Way You Make Me Feel performance
  2. W2K


    I’d be asking for a refund.
  3. SBK


    God yeah. No need to waste any set list time on thr filler tracks.
  4. I honestly don't want fans for It's The Way You Make Me Feel. It looks messy when they're doing that with handheld mics, but I'm prepared for the inevitable!
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  5. Theyre building the castle set as we speak
  6. Judging by the text on the fan, maybe it’s not the obvious choice?
  7. The fans they were rehearsing with and the merch ones are different
  8. W2K


    It’s tour merch
  9. The fans....

    The Tragedy ones are merch. They're black with pink writing.

    The ones they were rehearsing with were all pink

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  10. I know, but they are also rehearsing in what can only be described as their PE kit. I’m still expecting tour costumes.
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  11. Nah they'll be performing in those shorts and t-shirts. H and Lee are just waiting on their pumps from Shoezone.

    If the It's The Way You Make Me Feel fans are making a comeback I wouldn't be angry, they can bring Here and Now with them.
  12. MB


    “Show film first” sent round emails last night with half price tickets. The positive is from the emails I got for Manchester and Leeds - they’ve basically sold nearly all the allocated seats since I got the emails at like 8pm.
  13. Does anyone know if you get two seats together if you buy through the groupon offer?

    I'm thinking of going for it purely in the hope of hearing To the Beat of My Heart live.
  14. I received my e-tickets today … officially excited!
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  15. Yes, it seems they are seated together.
    I think I also read somewhere that if two separate orders to the same address are made, they will still be seated together even though they are separate orders.
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  16. I'm so excited that they are doing production rehearsals tomorrow... We're so close!
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  17. Ever since part 2 came out, There's been a bit of High that reminded me of something and I couldn't place it.

    It's the noise just after "We can't do much more"

    I realise now it's Imperfections by Celine Dion
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  18. Anyone else been checking Calendar Club every day for the Steps 2022 calendar?

    I wonder if it will be all new photos or maybe some from the 90s which would meet the "one foot in the past and one foot in the future" brief?
  19. I walked past some Calendar Club stands at the Trafford Centre today and didn’t see the Steps one.
  20. MB


    It's odd it hasn't been "announced" yet. Then again I guess these things are usually Christmas gifts. Speaking of merch I really hope theres some good stuff on the tour - I imagine I'll be spending a fortune if there is.
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