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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Pete in there twice so get can try and get double. He’s probably N/A too, the scammer.
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  2. SBK


    The thicker lookng one is embossed foil I believe
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  3. SBK


    Looks like there signing the booklets not covers?
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  4. Good spot, Judging by the product artwork the signed deluxes are digipacks unless they are going to be put into jewel cases instead. (Or signing standard copies)

    Not sure if its just me but does alot of the website band photos look heavily compressed, It looks like the photos have quite alot of pixilation
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  5. MB


    I’m still not over how great the megamix and video are. The video in particular is amazing, just all the little touches and backgrounds and unseen footage. Particularly the drive by of Here & Now, cute dancing Lee in After the love has gone. Too many moments to mention really but I really hope the gays jump on this and it becomes a legacy megamix the way the Saturdays one is still talked about.
  6. The UK top 3 of iTunes is so weird and utterly BRITISH

  7. Too right. I actually have quite an emotional experience when I watch it. It’s just wonderful.
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  8. It would be great if they could get to no.1 for an hour at least.
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  9. But what does "The Runner (Platinum Version)" mean? Is there any other version of the song though?
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  10. The sequencing of the mega mix really is absolutely perfect. My favourite moment is Faye's spoken part of The Slightest Touch into Stomp into Hard 2 Forget into Summer of Love.

  11. Remember when The Saturdays called I Say OK and Move On U bonus tracks even though they exist on every single format of the album?
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  13. Some people were there and I think we saw videos. That’s where we heard the shortened Megamix.
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  14. It's been almost a day but it's still not completely sinking in for me that the whole band is here with us to celebrate such a milestone. And the fact that they all look excited and engaged and expensive? I can sit here and talk all day how much I appreciate living in the same timeline with Steps.
  15. Not gonna lie Steps are actually a class act.
    But it's funny to see them described as expensive. They were the biggest cost cutters back in the day!
  16. I have to agree with everything about this. It’s so well done and giving us new and old Steps mixed with new and old footage too, genius.
  17. Just catching up on all the posts from yesterday, was too overwhelmed to compile my thoughts but this is exactly how I feel.

    The confidence the megamix has, for a band known and criticised for their covers back in the day I love how it's a mix packed full of original material and also how much of it is from the Steps 2.0 era. So proud of them and their team for sticking to and improving on the brand time and time again!
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  18. The covers thing has never bothered me with steps because they do it so well!! Often I end up preferring their versions to versions I’ve loved for years

    like I love The Runner and it’s weird to think that my go to version is about to change from Bananarama to Steps but it just will. I hardly ever listen to Five Stars Slightest Touch anymore x
  19. W2K


    What’s brilliant about this Megamix is that, despite having heard these songs thousands of times before, it almost feels like I’m listening to them for the first time and like I want to check out the full versions. Epic.
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