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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Bless. Lee truly is the best straight man that’s ever lived.
  2. jtm


    The best thing about the megamix is that the new material flows so effortlessly into everything else. What The Future Holds is such a moment when it appears and it just fits, same for Something In Your Eyes and Neon Blue and, (for me) surprisingly, Heartbreak In This City which just works before Tragedy. And You‘ll Be Sorry has been thoroughly rehabilitated after the Gold situation.
  3. W2K


    Setlist is almost perfect.
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  4. Almost?
  5. I can't quite compute the fact that Lee is so up for all that. We don't deserve him.
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  6. W2K


  7. What would you change? I agree, it's very close to being perfect.
  8. W2K


    I’d pay good money to have Say You’ll Be Mine destroyed from everything ever, and as much as it’s not universally liked around here, I’d put Neon Blue in instead because I love it and Tears deserves more representation.
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  9. I would include both. Neon Blue is certainly a glaring omission. Say You'll Be Mine does pop with the crowd, though.
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  10. W2K


    Just personal preference. I of course am a massive hypocrite and bopped along during the What The Future Holds Tour and I’ll bop along on this tour, but more because I feel like I have to than anything.
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  11. guess there will be better videos tomorrow but clip of Strong Enough
  12. It's almost criminal that it took 25 years for someone to realise we needed Steps to sing Strong Enough at a gay festival with sparkly pride flags behind them.
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  13. Say You'll Be Mine is probably my favourite Steps song and I didn't realise that was an unpopular opinion.
  14. I don't think it is that unpopular an opinion. There are proper Say You'll Be Mine stans and there are those who dislike it.
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  15. All 5 getting a solo is pop justice
  16. Wow, Strong Enough popped off better than I hoped. What a moment!
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  17. W2K


    It’s not an unpopular opinion at all! I just irrationally hate it.
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  18. What was the surprise then?
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Strong Enough?
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  20. TMI


    I’m under the impression that Take Me For A Ride will be paid dust from now on. It’s not even on CD1 of the Platinum Collection despite being one of their latest singles. It’s not part of their summer playlist although it wouldn’t fit in I guess.
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