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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. The only issues really are disc 2. A bit of a cut between ballad single/banger album track. Would have been better all ballad singles followed by a key album track per album.
    And Story Of A Heart kinda.breals the flow on disc 1. Should have been placed after Better Best Forgotten and before Heartbeat!
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  2. I didn't know Beauty & the Beast was released as proper single and even reached no.10. I thought All Out of Love was the last single, after the album flopped, then that's it. The end of H&Claire...
  3. W2K


    Beauty and the Beast was a double A side with All Out of Love.
  4. I definitely tweaked a few things and added more to Disc 2.

    1. Scared of the Dark
    2. Deeper Shade of Blue
    3. One for Sorrow
    4. Heartbreak in This City (feat. Michelle Visage)
    5. Tragedy
    6. Love's Got a Hold On My Heart
    7. What the Future Holds (Single Mix)
    8. Last Thing On My Heart
    9. It's the Way You Make Me Feel
    10. Stomp
    11. Something in Your Eyes
    12. Chain Reaction
    13. Story of a Heart (7th Heaven Mix)
    14. Summer of Love
    15. 5 6 7 8
    16. Better the Devil You Know
    17. Neon Blue (Single Mix)
    18. After the Love Has Gone
    19. Better Best Forgotten
    20. Heartbeat
    21. Hard 2 Forget
    22. The Runner
    23. Platinum Megamix
    1. Here and Now (Single Mix)
    2. The Slightest Touch
    3. To the One
    4. Say You'll Be Mine
    5. Take Me for a Ride (Single Mix)
    6. Love U More
    7. A Hundred Years of Winter (F9 Mix)
    8. Baby Don't Dance (W.I.P. Mix)
    9. Dancing With a Broken Heart (Single Mix)
    10. Since You Took Your Love Away
    11. Paradise Lost
    12. Turn Around
    13. Glitter and Gold
    14. To the Beat of My Heart
    15. You'll Be Sorry (Single Mix)
    16. No More Tears On the Dancefloor
    17. Words Are Not Enough
    18. Happy
    19. Wasted Tears
    20. I Know Him So Well
    21. Just Like the First Time
    22. Light Up the World
    23. When I Said Goodbye
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  5. Justice for Light Up The World!
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    I understand why they pay dust to it but I really don't mind Light Up The World (the song) and do think it should have been at least included on disc 2.
  7. The song itself is gorgeous and definitely deserved a spot on disc two. It’s such a shame that that’s the only single getting left out.
  8. I adore Light Up The World. Maybe they felt it was too Christmassy. Despite being nothing to do with Christmas, they just associate it with Christmas and felt it may be out of place.
  9. I'm sure it'll be included on The Platinum Collection: Festive Edition which will swap some album tracks for Light Up The World, Merry Xmas Everybody (WIP Remix) and It May Be Winter Outside. And we will buy.
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah they've done a Wordshaker with that era because 'coming back to great success in 2017' makes for the better stories I guess
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  11. I wonder when we'll get the next HD video, was expecting a live performance yesterday or possibly today?
  12. I was thinking the same, I imagine they skipped to allow the focus on the megamix video but hopefully we should get a notification of a new performance on their YouTube channel
  13. Really looking forward to HD It's The Way You Make Me Feel.
  14. But when should we get Hard 2 Forget.
    That clip on the Platinum Megamix is still such a tease.

    And listened to the original The Runner yesterday. A bizzare cover choice. But given me Baby Don't Dance vibes.
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  15. Aw Claire. She's really such a consistent live vocalist. Forgotten lyrics aside, has there ever been any instances of her being out of tune?
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  16. Can't think of any - also Faye is always very consistent and have never seen her miss any dance moves either.
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  17. SBK


  18. I hope we get a Platinum Collection Bluray/ DVD.
  19. MB


    I'd hoped we'd get a lot more than what we've been given but I think this is our lot.
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  20. Surely that is the point of getting all these videos remastered and improved - would be such a waste if not! They've been excellent so far in giving us what we want, so I have faith.
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