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Steps - General Discussion + Hard 2 Forget

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I was expecting they improve the song in The Slightest Touch level, not Something In Your Eyes or Victorious. I wasn't fan of the original and the special thing in Steps version is just their own voice.
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  2. TMI


    Bring on What the Future Holds Live now, it would be about time.
  3. It does get better after a few listens. True the backing track/production is similar to the original.
    Yet purely in the "Steps Context" is a great sound for them.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah the instrumental is very.. bare?
    Could do with some bass and strings
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  5. It’s no ‘To The Beat Of My Heart’ is it?!

    It’s disappointing that it is literally just Steps doing karaoke over Vincint’s backing track as their covers in the past have always added something different from the original.

    I’m trying to think what would I think if I hadn’t ‘spoiled’ myself by hearing the other, but it just falls a bit flat like ‘Take Me For A Ride’ did for me.
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  6. I was wrong for thinking Hard 2 Forget for Platinum will be like Chain Reaction for Gold. Both are covers, but Hard 2 Forget is, well..., easy 2 forget??
  7. Alas it sounds like a carbon copy of Vincint's version which was also nothing to shout about. I was hoping it'll be given a Steps makeover like Chain Reaction / Tragedy / Slightest Touch / No More Tears On The Dancefloor
  8. I dunno what some of you are listening to but it's an absolute bop.
  9. SBK


    I thought the same when I first heard it.

    Weren't 7th Heaven co-producers on this? What did they do?

    (I do like it was just expecting a bit more deviation from the Vincent track like most of their covers)
  10. MB


    I mean the Vincint song was a contemporary pop song not a song from 20/30 years ago so maybe they thought it didn’t need updating?
    I personally think it’s their most contemporary sounding song and a step forward.
  11. Having listened to the Vincent version about a million times in prep for this, it does fall a little flat. It is not an elevation from the original as was Slightest Touch or Something in Your Eyes.


    Putting the Vincent song aside, its not a terrible cover and it works well as a Steps tune. Their harmonies are fantastic and yet again they do a wonderful job of showcasing that as well as every members vocal abilities.
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  12. It is a bop, but not what we expect from a Steps doing a cover. It's just Steps doing karaoke...
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  13. Lee has never sounded better. I love that moment in Faye’s verse where they all come in and harmonise. It’s super Lisa-heavy.

    My only downside is that it’s another song where Claire gets a long note that for some reason they try and bury under everything else?
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  14. Although there were quite a few on here disappointed with Something In Your Eyes when it first dropped saying it was a step down from the original, so maybe it will grow on some of you in the same way that did.

    For me this is absolute proof they can handle a fully contemporary song (some say that of To The Beat Of My Heart - it's not, the sound of that is about 10/15 years old) and they sound incredible on it.
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  15. I need a few listens for this one to click. There are parts that I really like, and I liked them in the original version too, but the track as a whole never blew me away. It felt a bit flat, and I'm not feeling like Steps have elevated it that much.

    It definitely needed a bit more oomph in the chorus. I feel like it's too quiet when the group vocals come together for "another midnight I'm without you...". It should explode into that section.
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  16. I think this has the potential to get some general airplay and may surprise us over its reception. Looking forward to what they do with the remixes
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  17. MB


    So no dance routine in the video just a “tagline”.
  18. I think this is going to be a bit of a grower for me, it's definitely not as instant as some of their more recent previous singles.

    They do sound incredible though, and I think this would've worked better as a second or third single, but not sure it should be leading a 25 year hits collection.
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  19. I’d not heard the original, but this sounds very fresh and current to me! I love it.
    looking forward to seeing the videos later!
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  20. SBK


    This seems to be a thing since 2017. Even Faye and Lisa's adlibs are buried in other songs.

    I guess The Alias aren't fans of big vocal notes?
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