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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I think the line up is great in a cheesy nostalgia kinda way. Yeah, Tina is missing for sure.
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  2. Are you SURE?

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  3. Honestly, I am sure.
  4. What a fantastic moment for other Aussie fans who have never had the fortune to see them live. (I was lucky to see "Party on the Dancefloor" and it was one of the best pop shows ever).
    This is probably the most cost effective way for them to come over and I think they'll definitely see an up swing in sales before and after their time here.
    Hopefully the new album is out as well so they have a little something new to pepper into the nostalgia.
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  5. So....if they’re touring Australia through May, does that mean no new era until after that? I assume they’re not going to tour the new album first in Australia at some celebrate-the-past mini tour.

    And yes, they are too big to be doing silly things alongside the other acts (PCD and Sophie excluded). Snobbery or not, it’s true - they’re past the “we can only make money off being cheesy and hammering Tragedy next to much less successful acts”. They left that behind during Tears.
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  6. If this were in the UK, I’d agree. But they haven’t toured in Australia ever so this is actually perfect for them.

    It’s not an exclusively 90s gig though?
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  7. It’s a 90’s/2000s gig.

    This works here in Australia as a group of acts, as they just wouldn’t sell out as an individual act, maybe with the exception of PCD.
  8. Steps are probably seen as on par with those other acts, in Australia, 90s 'three hit wonders'. Didn't they only have one big album there? And Wiki says they had only three Top 10 singles, all from the debut with many not charting / not being released after that.

    Also this promoter will pay for their flights, hotels and venues, and they will only perform for 40 minutes.
    It's a good deal for Steps.
  9. Australia deserve nothing after doing THIS

    5,6,7,8 - #1
    Last Thing On My Mind - #5
    One For Sorrow - #34

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  10. 5,6,7,8 is the worst of their singles, but I remember it being huge.

    One For Sorrow deserved better.
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  11. Jeeeez....!!!!
  12. MB


    Nope we'll be getting the new album before they jet off to Oz. They won't exactly be touring the new album in Oz either - I expect they'll get 5 or 6 songs one of them being the new single the others being the classics.
  13. They'll do their 6 Oz Top 40 hits and maybe one-two new songs.
  14. Guessing we’re now counting down days rather than weeks...

  15. I wouldn’t necessarily read that as January 1st like last time. In the New Year can mean anything really.
  16. I reckon whatever songs they choose from their back catalogue will be helped along by Scared of the Dark. The choice they have for a 6-8 set is going to be agony to whittle through.
  17. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Even Little Mix find the cost of moving their tour staging to Australia and for that reason alone have twice cancelled when sales haven’t been up to scratch As a single-act tour, you take on all of the overheads.

    These multi-act tours carry zero risk, because the promoters cover those costs. That’s why PCD are doing this despite having an arena tour in the works. If this were just Steps and Alice Deejay etc, it could be labelled as a bit naff, but it’s essentially Steps opening for the Pussycat Dolls. Which nearly 25 years into their career in a country they were never *huge* in, is not bad going at all.

    Some people really won’t be pleased until pop bands bankrupt themselves because of they refuse to share bills though...
  18. 5,6,7,8
    Last Thing On My Mind
    One For Sorrow
    Love's Got a Hold On My Heart
    Better The Devil You Know
    Scared of the Dark
    * New Song *
  19. Faye will regret saying that.

    Her @mentions at 00:01 will be floodedwith.... "OMG IT YHE NU YR WHRE THE ANNOUNCMENT? KISSES XO"
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  20. 'Come to Greece and play a 3 hour show with all the b-sides and no support acts with all the costs coming off your earnings!!!
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