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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Quite excited to be at the barricade for this gig tbh.
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  2. I havent seen this posted. Was shared by ultimate steps on Facebook.

    Not only are Steps touring Australia in 2020, fans should be elated knowing they will also be realising new music. Claire finishes the interview by promising: “Our new music will still be Steps, with big soaring choruses, bittersweet lyrics, and a decent melody that people can sing along too."
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  3. I wonder if we're in for some soaring choruses, bittersweet lyrics, and a decent melody that people can sing along too.
  4. I wish the Spice Girls were like Steps.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Reunionwise few band's fanbases have been as spoilt as we are.
    The thought of having a full new album soon... well is the only thing keeping me going in a pretty tough time really, but it's also extremely exciting
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  7. Give me 12 September Sun’s/Paradise Lost/Story of a Heart type tracks and I’ll be extremely happy indeed!
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  8. One of these things is not like the others...
  9. All I want from them is some soaring choruses, bittersweet lyrics, and a decent melody that people can sing along too.
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  10. Tickets purchased.
    Can't believe I'm seeing Steps on home soil ?!?
    I'll get to rock my "Party on the Dancefloor" tour shirt with pride.
  11. Looking forward to their new album . They have really made themselves modern , and slip right in to this era . Hard work pays off .
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  12. Haha I did chuckle at your comment Holly Something, and I am 100% certain at which one shade is being thrown at (in a funny way) haha but I just love it in all its tragicness lol...
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  13. Yeah I wouldn’t buy that.
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  14. I mean...Steps have never been ones for experimentation and have said on numerous occasions that they understand and like their formula, so why fix what isn’t broken?
  15. I don’t think the new album will be a case of fixing anything. It will still have hard core fan pleasers. I think though there will be a few tracks on there though that break the mould a little and after twenty odd years, I say why not.
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  16. I meant that more as a direct quote from them. It’ll be new music obviously but I don’t think it’ll even be a Steptacular to Buzz kind of change. Lisa said it’s basically Tears pt. 2, Claire’s recent quote and they’ve been saying this whole time around that they’re happy with the “Steps” sound and don’t see experimentation as necessary.

    But maybe a few songs, like you said. Although I can’t imagine what they would experiment with. They’re one of the most single faceted acts I’ve ever been a fan of.
  17. MB


    You and me both. I get far too excited just thinking about it and then stressed at the thought of getting tickets. As a side note - hope you're ok.
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  18. I just can’t believe we’re going to be on as many studio albums since the split, after it (I know this includes Light Up the World - but it was still new music none the less)
  19. I’ve just heard Experienced from the debut and......... wow.
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