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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. It changed music forever.
  2. Because the first 2 recordings of it weren’t bad enough?
  3. It probably doesn't get called "Track..." by anyone else other than Steps fans
  4. What was that Scottish soap opera Claire cameoed in?
  5. River City.
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  6. In a move that will surprise no-one, my Spotify Artist of the Decade was..
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  7. I wish you peace and healing.
  8. Had my usual thought process this weekend where I get far too excited about the next chapter.

    I literally can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!
  9. Amazingness. Can you imagine a new Steps album...again?! Even a one-off single seemed like something to never even entertain. But we got an album. And now another. They’re a full on active band again and it’s really so hard to believe still. It’s definitely the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced in my decades of pop-loving. (Britney’s sudden comeback with Circus and the literal world collectively holding its breath for Born This Way are close seconds).
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  10. Quick note - Tragedy has passed the 13milion mark and Merry X-Mas Everybody is almost on 12million on Spotify (it has actually passed 12million when the Merry Xmas Everybody from The Collection is added - same song just stupidly didn't put "-" in the title). Better Best Forgotten has also crossed over 2milion.

    My Heart is Heading Home This Christmas - the 7th Heaven remix from Claire has passed 100,000
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  11. Lisa Scott-Lee loves meeting her fans...

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  12. Didn’t they piss themselves laughing about this song in an interview during the last album campaign?
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  13. I hope we get the wonderful teases like we did last time with the 5 counting down.
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  14. “Pop royalty, National treasure and inventor of braces humbly poses for photo with an Australian super fan”

    Lisa’s replies to her Stans on that post make for great reading if you like her solo work.
  15. So, Barrowman implied H is not good on the ice during his show on Monday night.

    He mentioned during some of his chatter that he’d been watching the rehearsals for the Christmas show, and told us that one of the contestants needs to STEP *stage wink* it up.
  16. He’s probably just jealous.
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  17. Bet he'll be out first week!
  18. I think being the first ever same sex pairing should see him OK for a few weeks.
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  19. Mine too. As well as top artist of both 2012 & 2017!
    And Scared of the Dark was my most played in 2017.
  20. Imagine if this was their new logo! Or something just as awful!
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