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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. It’s so weird to think that we might have heard the new single by now.
  2. MB


    Well it would have been a few days more yet but still. So close! It’ll come though. Think positive.
  3. I concur. And from what I’ve been told, it’s worth the wait!
  4. I would love another group track where they all have vocals like on Neon Blue/Way you make me feel etc

    And more CD singles.
  5. MB


    Who knows, maybe this first single has just that!?
  6. I just want more Lee, hearing Lee sing a lot more during the tears era was great.
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  7. Lee's voice mixed with the girls was a real highlight of the tears era
  8. This is the thing with Lee. He’s got an okay vocal. He adds a nice air to some parts. And when blended with the girls it sounds good. But, there are better singers in the group so I don't think we should be praying he gets loads of lead vocals, a few bits but keep the girls up front please!
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  9. Do you think there's any chance they might have scooped a spot on Ant and Dec's show next week had this virus not happened?
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  10. W2K


    I actually prefer Lee’s voice over H’s these days, especially live. And yes, his voice blends really nicely with the girls, particularly Claire.

    I think the songs on the last album were a good way of getting Lee’s vocal on there, they definitely utilised him well. I’d like to hear him more in the harmonies but otherwise it was pretty spot on.
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  11. Watching old Steps performances really cheers me up during this weird time.
  12. It really does.

    Shoulda been Lee & Claire.
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  13. I find Lee and Faye complement each other well on Neon Blue, Turn Around and the Nothing's Gona Stop Us cover they did.
  14. Same here!

    I just discovered that their first television performance of One For Sorrow was in Belgium! On the very popular show "Tien Om The Zien".

    I kinda forgot how popular they were over here in Belgium. I did some research (what else am I do to with all this free time...) and I discovered Last Thing On My Mind spend 10 weeks at #1 in Belgium! One For Sorrow spent one week at #1. After that, it went downhill.
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  15. Alicia Keys postponed her album and tour. Not that I follow her. A Belgian site mentioned it.
  16. I unfollowed her on FB. She was bringing me down.
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  17. Have been rewatching Party On The Dancefloor - Neon Blue makes so much more sense with that extended opening and joining in the myriad of calls for a full studio version of Love U More 2017 to be released
  18. Also can someone make a gif of Lisa punching the air during You'll Be Sorry, please and thank you
  19. Dua Lipa bringing music release date forward...the world's not totally on stop.
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  20. ...on the back of a storming singles campaign and having led with arguably one of the biggest songs in the whole world. She's in a slightly safer position to launch an album, with all her promo being the huge success she's currently having.
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