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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Her thread moves so fast, when is it coming out now?
  2. This Friday.
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  3. Thanks! Someone else whose thread moves too fast - is Gaga still releasing hers as planned?
  4. So Lee insta story was interesting he said it’s the way you make me feel & neon blue are his favourite steps songs because vocals are equally shared between all 5 members and someone else asked if they would ever preform turn around on tour to which he said they did before, what tour was that?
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  5. Steps into Christmas (2000).
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  6. shame it’s not on YouTube I’d like to see it.
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  7. So far it's still a yes.
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  8. Well, her album leaked so, her hand was forced. And they're probably concerned the distribution network may go tits up as this pandemic unfolds. Which would affect online orders.
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  9. MB


    As much as we all want it, it was the right decision for steps to delay. It’ll make it all the more sweeter come summer when we’re all blasting the album out in the sun / it’ll definitely rain all summer.
  10. She also has a current Billboard Hot 100 No 2 and two smash hits around the world while her streaming numbers are huge. Really not the same.
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  11. Well it is, the label obviously don't want to lose those album streams and sales to an illegal download.
  12. I meant not the same as with Steps!
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  13. MB


    Claire doing an instagram live of a family walk is not the content I wanted from Steps today!
    She's got the pink tinge in her hair again, wonder why she had that redone. Today should have been so different!
  14. Meanwhile Lisa is at home watching past Steps videos...
    I do love how she keeps recording until the end of her solo and then cuts off just before Claire’s power notes...! Haha. #LSLourqueen
  15. ...and H gets a mention in today’s popbitch

  16. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    That is the driest anecdote I’ve ever fucking heard.
  17. I dreamt last night that one of the tracks on the new album was Burnt Out And Falling from Lisa’s unreleased Unleashed album. I can dream...!
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  18. I dreamt the album was called Miami, the cover was a blurry scan of a Last thing on my mind photoshoot and I was really sad because it had 24 tracks but they were the same 8 songs repeated 3 times.

    I pray for us all that your dream is closer to reality.
  19. I'm curious as to how she's watching Trace Vault in Dubai.
  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    With Dua, Little Mix and Gaga going disco/80s influenced and it suddenly being a thing again I wouldn't mind Steps joining in on a sound that's suddenly current again and fits them perfectly..

    Also here for a Dua cover in live lounge.
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