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Steps - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    My tickets from See came today.
  2. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I'm still waiting for my meet&greet ones they said they should be here within 2 weeks of the show, so thats 2 weeks tomorrow, bet they show up the day before just to keep me worrying!
  3. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Is anybody looking for tickets to the Birmingham show on April 12th? I've got 3 going spare, row V...anybody interested, PM me!
  4. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I don't know why stuff like this didn't catch on. I saw Pussycat Dolls when they did the video wristbands, and they flew out! I think it's such a good impulse buy when you're buzzing from a concert.
  5. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I'm about to pre-order a copy, but I'm wondering if the quality will be different based on the venue.

    I feel the obvious choice would be London, but I don't know.

    I could of course just buy all of them and go broke.
  6. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I would expect them all to be of similar quality really.

    Anyone any idea how long you have to hang around for to get them after the show?
  7. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    According to the website 10-15 minutes? How do they get the CDs done in that time? Surely there's mixing involved and then actually burning the recordings to CD?
  8. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I remember they came to my uni and I ended up working for them during some Roisin Murphy concerts. I didn't get into all the nitty gritty about how they do it all so fast but I was selling the CDs and they really were about 15 minutes after the concert. Wouldn't say it's worth £20 though.
  9. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    anyone got their meet and greet tickets yet?

    anyone going on Monday to the first date?
  10. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I used to work for that company. The basic problem was, the cost of producing something almost instantly that was suitable to be sold to fans wasn't attractive to a lot of artists/managers.

    And when you break it down not a lot of money was made out if, despite how popular the pussy cat dolls wristband was.

    Im going to pre-order London, even though it will probably be the version released on DVD.
  11. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    At least then you can dub the live vocals back onto the DVD!
  12. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Assuming of course these CD's aren't just full of the studio backing vocals they were recording a few weeks ago... haha...
  13. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I'd probably prefer that.
  14. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Well you're in for a treat then aren't you!
  15. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Doesn't look half as exciting as 'Steps Reunion'.

    Is it another 4 week thing? I don't think I can handle four weeks of "The others pick up routines where they left off, whilst Claire struggles to keep up".. "Tour rehearsals begin, and old arguments arise as Claire gets lead vocals".
  16. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Its six weeks this time.

    To be honest, I'm with you, wondering what on earth they're filling it with. 6x44mins episodes about the tour.

    I guess they'll pick up where it left off last year, number one album. Then the few PA's, rehearsals, and everything that goes into making a tour.
    I guess there is a lot more to a tour than what we actually see and think.
  17. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Claire tweeted this link which has some tour merchandise. Some of the t-shirts look amazing! I can't believe we are days away from a Steps tour.
  18. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I can't believe how expensive the 1 colour prints are.
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