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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. *shakes dirt off me*

    Claire and Faye look absolutely fantastic.

    I need a cigarette.
  2. It was only $1!
  3. So is 2019 happening for Steps? I know people have thrown it around but have they actually said it?
  4. Claire said they're recording in 2019 for an album release in 2020.
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  5. Every time I hear this at work I just imagine Steps covering it. It’s so perfect for them. I can almost hear it!


  6. They should definitely cover Kim's covers. This and If I Can't Have You, plus You Came - do a Kim medley on tour Steps!
  7. You Came is a great song
  8. Faye at the top of the Strictly leaderboard this week, you're doing amazing sweetie.
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  9. That and Lee was in the audience cheering her on. Lisa will make it over for the final right!
  10. W2K


    Faye was incredible! So proud of her.

    Lee looked daddylicious too.
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  11. British TV find other themes than Movie night / 80s night / Motown night challenge.
  12. LOL at the guy who's sat at the end of the row when she comes down the stairs and he clocks her. It's too funny about 16 secs into the video.
  13. To be fair, Strictly doesn't really 'do' theme weeks other than Movie Night and Halloween, from what I remember? And they're always a spectacle. I agree the themes got tired on X Factor, though.

    Faye was fantastic and she looked absolutely gorgeous.
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  14. Is it true that Ashley looked really fed up after Faye’s dance? I can’t watch the full show over here.
  15. SBK


    My only concern with Faye is that she may have peaked too soon. Hopefully she'll be able to stay in the 8 and 9s and bring me home the £££ for Christmas.
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  16. I couldn't believe it when they got into hold & started the quickstep, that's the fastest I've ever seen!
    She's in a bad position because when contestants peak too early, the backlash begins. Ashley seems to be more on the receiving end than Faye, though.

    One of the 'underdogs' will win again, I'm sure, but I hope she makes the final!
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  17. SBK


    Yeah, ive got a bet on Faye to win, but i fully expect her to be a runner up. Steps are always runners up. In the charts, awards, tv shows etc.
  18. Faye was incredible last night. She honestly made that quick step look easy. It was crazy. I too hope she hasn't peaked too early but you can't deny how amazing she is.

    While I'm here, Chain Reaction has crossed over 3million (with Story Of A Heart very nearly at 3million) and Stomp has crossed over 2million on Spotify!
  19. If Faye gets to the Strictly Tour that routine has to be in there surely! I too worry she may have peaked a little early but seriously, skin-tight trousers and red heels to highlight the footwork, Giovanni has a lot of belief in her! I thank the Strictly gods they didn't think older female, pair her with Anton because that would have been disastrous for all parties involved.

    Should have deffo been her and Lee's roles in Say You'll Be Mine though, c'mon she was Sandy! Glad she went bad girl as well, showed her acting off and Gio's FAYEE! was up there with his D E B B I E from last year.
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