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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. All I’ve found is a 30 second potato quality clip! Hopefully it is coming soon if it’s starting leaking.
  2. Yeah this is out there in full HQ, just heard it. Wonder if they’ll do something.
  3. MB


    Yep, try and remove any links like they did last time.
  4. The changing of the melody for the final chorus is a bit of a strange choice.

    Also, does Lisa Scott Lee not have a solo aside from a couple of lines in the middle 8?
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  5. Ok. I thought that the first brief description a few pages back wasn't a big deal. It was quite vague, but really can we not discuss the song in this thread. It's not out yet officially and this just pushes the leak.
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  6. Found a 50 second clip also and had a listen, it sounds incredible. I really can’t wait for the new era but happy for it to be pushed back as it will be worth waiting for.
  7. It's a bloody brilliant song. I'm really trying to not overplay it for fear of being tired of it by the time it eventually gets an official release.
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  8. W2K


    Interesting how a Zoom call has turned into a proper leak.
  9. If they’ve got the video ready would it not make sense to get this out ASAP and then maybe release a second faux-lead single when they can actually get together and promote?
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  10. Big time.
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  11. Well if things have been pushed back to 2021, congrats to whoever leaked the song and potentially fucked up their campaign for them. What a way to be a fan.

    Very co-incidental that it's brought up in here and then mysteriously leaked though. Very co-incidental.
  12. It was online for about 5 minutes and maybe 20 gays listened to it... I’m sure they’ll be fine.
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  13. Once it's out there, it's out there - there's no going back from that.
  14. It's does appear to be still out there. It's just strange their team haven't dealt with it like the last leak.
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  15. I imagine they're doing what they can.
  16. My last post was deleted for "asking for leaks". Saying I personally couldn't find the track anywhere isn't quite the same as asking for a link. Trigger happy much?

    Anyway, I hope we get some sort of announcement soon. Particularly because we know the video's been in the can for ages, so they're good to go any time they like.
  17. Is there anyone we can tell / report the leaks to to try and contain it a bit more?
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    That can be very easily interpreted as indirectly asking for a leak. We have to take file sharing seriously here to protect the forum.
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Stop using coded language to ask for leaks. We all know what you mean.
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  20. I know not to ask for or share links to leaks. Been here a while. I'm not so stupid that I'd try and get the forum shut down. If I wanted a link, I'll ask for one elsewhere.

    No coded language and no need for the telling off, thanks all the same. It was really as simple as saying that I couldn't find it, and I normally have no trouble doing so, so at the time I looked, it certainly wasn't being shared widely.
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