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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It's rubbish that it's leaked, but I also don't think it will damage the campaign massively. The fanbase will still buy it when it comes out and most people aren't checking for a Steps single leak.

    It's still a song they'll be able to perform on TV to help sell the album when the time is right.
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  2. Fans probably aren't even aware there IS a campaign, I doubt even the band themselves do.
  3. To be fair, it seems most of the fanbase chatter seems to have turned to Something In Your Eyes making them forget about What The Future Holds
  4. I wouldn't worry too much. Steps aren't the kind of act whose material leaking would get a lot of attention. Bigger artists have had whole albums leaking this year and still had lots of success. Gaga's lead single leaked literally months before she "announced" it, was fairly poorly received and was still a hit.

    Not that I'm suggesting Steps are on the same level as her, but I genuinely don't think a leak that only a very small number of people will ever come across would affect how the single does. Only actual fans will know it has leaked (or that it even exists) and they're the kind that will buy it to support them anyway.
  5. *waits for Claire to log into twitter*
  6. It’s only their lead single leaking, nothing to do with her gas and electric.
  7. I wonder if they might switch it out for another track as some the lyrics are 'open to interpretation'. Be sad if it's the single that never was though.
  8. Do all of you who have heard it, actually like it?
  9. I very much doubt the handful of people who have heard it in full will affect the campaign.

    As for whether being together to promote it is allowed, normality is slowly resuming, symptoms and temperature tests and they should in theory be good to go. If they were the first group to perform live on TV together after covid that could be good promo for them too.
  10. If they have any sense they need to get it on iTunes and the video out NOW!
  11. I haven't heard it but even if I had I'd still stream upon release and buy multiple copies of whatever they throw at me so for me a leak causes no changes to my behaviour.

    However there are people that would listen the track a few times maybe from local files etc and therefore will impact it.

    Plus from a release point of view you want "boom we are back" followed by comments of Wow, amazing etc. Not "already heard it, heard it months ago".
  12. We need to be careful about using "normal" or other similar words because there is NO going back after this. Things might be starting to re-open etc but time will tell how it affects infection rates and it will be several months before things go back to anywhere near what we're used to.
    Waiting till this is "Over" is a really silly thing to do, they need to adapt to the new way of life. Dua, Jessie Ware, Katy Perry and Gaga (kind of) have adapted fairly brilliantly to having an era in a pandemic. Hell, even Kylie has pushed ahead and released and she is the kind of artist who needs traditional promo methods.
  13. Yep, and it's as excellent as others have said, think I loved Scared of the Dark more on first listen, but this is a different type of song, and after a few listens it's brilliant, especially the final part
  14. I'm quite happy to wait. I can't be arsed these days with leaks. I look forward to hearing it the first time as and when they want us to.
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  15. SBK


    Literally what I was thinking.
  16. I am hammering this at the moment so this keeps me happy!

  17. I just can’t see them releasing this any earlier than planned. If they manage to keep a lid on this leak like they did the last one, I see no reason why they can’t stick to their plans.

    The songs lyrics lend themselves to kicking off a new era of Steps. New logo, new sound. I can’t see them wanting to release it without album pre-orders and tour tickets ready to go too.
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  18. I hope it's as good as others have said, but I'm glad I didn't find it earlier, in case it was just a shitty, potato quality rip. I'll wait to hear it in all its glory.

    On the other hand, Something In Your Eyes is a BANGER. Not exactly breaking new ground for them, but it's amazing how I could hear Claire and Faye's (and maybe Lisa's?) voices on it during my very first listen. I won't be disappointed if they've covered that, but I'd much rather they came back with an original lead again.
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  19. A busy day in the Steps thread it seems. I missed the first leak and now this as well... Luckily I'm very patient. So if I have to wait another month or another year to hear it, so be it.

    In the meantime I'm listening to the new Kylie and Something In Your Eyes.
  20. What on earth are you intimating? If it's out there I still haven't found it (and that's not a request for it either).
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