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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I guess it’s like when your out on a night out, and as soon as you say ‘I’m going home now’ there’s the inevitable ’oh no don’t go, stay, just one more drink’ etc making you feel bad for leaving. I think they had made their decision and just wanted to go and not be talked into staying longer or made to feel bad about their decision.
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  2. But if you've all made an agreement that you'd tell them 3 months prior and then you don''s not great, is it?
    There's a bit more to it than that though. If they'd given the three months as discussed, at least the others wouldn't have been so shellshocked by it and could at least prepare for what their future held rather than one day having a job and the next, not. It was bad conduct.
  3. I think they would have been shocked whenever the letter was delivered. How soon after Christmas were they supposed to be back to work?
  4. It definitely wouldn't have been well received whenever it was given out. I don't think we'll ever truly know but they were peddling Baby Don't Dance as their next single throughout the tour so I could hazard a guess that they'd have had a couple of weeks off before going back properly late January to start promo/film a video etc?
  5. Letter talk? Comeback corner found calling.
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  6. Sorry to interrupt the nostalgia trip but back to the new era......

    If this leak is spreading, I still haven't seen or heard it anywhere but I am in Australia and miss out on up to the minute stuff due to the time zone differences, wouldn't putting it up for sale sooner rather than later be the best idea?

    I know we are looking at "the album sells the tour" debate but why not use this down time to find a few more tracks to offer up a "Super Deluxe" edition with 14 or 16 tracks and let fans know there'll be more material coming during the tour ala what Dua is doing and keeping the era alive longer?
  7. I imagine the 'super deluxe' is already in place like the last one was. I know they want to do stuff on their own terms but I can also see this having to force their hand a little.
  8. And I don't see that being a bad thing necessarily.
    Im gonna use Dua Lipa as an example again.
    Everyone went running with their album releases when Covid hit.
    She stuck to her guns and its turned her into the major pop girl she's always threatened to be.
    People are hungry for new ANYTHING and they could easily start the era but let things, like the rest of us have to, take their time.
    An album announcement after the 2nd single wouldnt be horrible, as the world becomes accustomed to a new normal, would it?
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  9. Dua was in a very different position to Steps though, her campaign had already begun and is a lot earlier into her career. She's also a solo artist. Steps are five people, each with their own commitments, families, responsibilities and not all of them live in the same area, never mind country. Nobody even knows officially Steps have an single or album ready to begin, it's only because we've been privileged enough to learn that information.
  10. All of the above is true.
    The general public will have no clue anything is going on and hopefully their new era material will be just what the world needs to dance our way into this strange new world.
    Im just getting frustrated.....
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  11. If it helps, I promise you it'll be worth the wait and hopefully, as I said before, this may make them realise they need to get it out as soon as possible and then re-jig the campaign slightly after to accommodate what's happened.
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  12. W2K


    I mean really though, lock the thread at this point
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  13. The fact that everything would be out by now AND they would've been to Australia by now makes it sting but the fact I probably won't even have to option to come to UK for the next tour stings more.
  14. It’s so interesting to see how promotion changes during the times. Steps were very much back in the day have 3 singles off an album before its released kinda act. Now they’re more reliant on that big comeback single that announces the album and tour with a 2nd single coming just before or after album release
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  15. I agree. I never said it was right. Just trying to think why they did it.
  16. I'm pretty sure we'll be getting WTFH sooner rather than later. If it's coming this month I hope they leave a bit of time between it and Kylie's video release.
  17. All these make me think that whoever leaked the song, it's not in the name of sharing but rather, they wanna see the campaign pushed forward earlier rather than next year.

    One needs to be residing in China (have a Chinese mobil number, an address somewhere in China, and a credit card by one of the Banks in China) to be able to sign up for Apple China and access the song library. So, it's also possible the leaked version that's spreading now didn't come from Apple China. It might just come from another source.
  18. All seems rather extreme lengths to go to just to sabotage your faves campaign!
  19. I just wish they would do fucking something. For fuck sake, even bloody Scooch have put up a couple of Zoom performances on Youtube.

    A few little sing alongs of classic hits or covers, similar to what Claire did (which was amazing by the way), would just keep a little fire burning amongst the fan base and start building a little hype.

    Hell, they could do that and just at least get themselves out there a little bit again, and just release What The Future Holds, with the video, as a buzz single. Then launch the album later with another lead.

    There's so many options and possibilities. And the era was supposed to have started already, so I'd imagine their calendars are pretty free right now. It's just a shame they're choosing to do nothing at all.
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  20. Yes. What I have in mind for these past 3 months as well.

    "I'll keep the fires burnin' though my heart's breaking..."
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