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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. How convinced are we that Something in Your Eyes has been recorded for the album?
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  2. Scandipop first mentioned it on twitter and he does get a lot of early info. TOTD has a big Swedish connection. He also blanked out the title and the replies have some mentions which make it seem like it has been heard. Kinda makes me think this could be a legit
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  3. This good.
  4. Genuinely pulls of her majesty really well.

    And I want the guy on the lefts sparkly top for the next tour (which we have no knowledge of ever being in the pipeline, of course).
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  5. Chain Reaction is one of my favourite Steps songs and I had no idea this extended mix existed. Thank you!
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  6. You didn’t buy CD 2 of the 2 Disc set?
    Shame on you....! Haha
  7. Such a terrible song. So cringe! Bless her.
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  8. It’s even more cringe when you look back in hindsight and see how the lyrics are a reflection of her desperation to get her (utterly brilliant and incredible) music played on (Capital) radio...
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  9. Is it just me that finds this sort of thing cruel? That Gif of Lisa crying at one of the lowest moments in her life is constantly wheeled out - even by fans - as a reaction meme, or held up as an "iconic" moment. The way Lisa was manipulated on that programme was grotesque, but people bandy it about like it was hilarious to see somebody totally broken.
  10. I’ve never thought about it like this but damn I feel like a shity person.
  11. I literally only know of Steps. I'm just a fan of Novympia and Steps, so I saw this and watched it with no knowledge of her solo career or TV.
  12. Oh I agree. It was awfully sad. I remember watching it feeling so sorry for her. Don’t get me wrong, I felt like she could be a bit of a princess at times and to a degree she bought it on herself but MTV manipulated her badly, as did her manager at the time.
    I think fans laughing at her misfortune isn’t to be spiteful though, it was a laugh or cry moment and I think many just decided to laugh. But for her personally, I bet it still hurts.
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  13. W2K


    I completely agree. I’ve never been able to watch Totally Scott-Lee all the way through. The bits I’ve seen just make me feel so awful for Lisa. I get no enjoyment from watching people crumble, especially as Lisa is such a lovely person.
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  14. Yeah I kinda feel the same. How she was portrayed was big-headed and desperate and I know she knew what to expect before the whole thing, but she was manipulated so much. If you weren't a fan beforehand, you weren't going to like her.
  15. I never had a clear favourite of Steps member before TSL show. I really admire her vulnerability and determination. I can't explain it really well, but I've become such a fan of Lisa ever since that show.

    That said, I don't think the parody is meant to mock and hurt Lisa. It was all in the name of fun, but maybe that's because I'm also a fan of Ricky Gervais' stand up. It's brutal but hilarious at same time. God knows we need some good laughs during these shitty Covid-19 times.
  16. Well it looks like the virus is coming round for a 2nd go not just here but around the world, so if steps had made tentative plans to announce something soon then I can see it being put back again
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  17. I don't know, aren't these kind of shows all staged anyway? I think she was hamming it up for the camera throughout.
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  18. (That’s what I always assumed but now I don’t know)
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  19. But the longer they put off "What the future holds", possibly the less impact it will have if its out there. I'm sure Steps are doing it "for the fans" not the general public so massive chart success won't bother them (unless it's iTunes, I wouldn't have thought). On the other hand, 2nd wave or not, plenty of other acts are releasing music. I know I'm probably in a minority, but if I was Steps, I'd just release the album and work on a complete new album/tour package for 25 anniversary in 2022.
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