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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I don't think they'll be able to afford anything for 2022 without a tour by the end of 2021
  2. I'd never seen Totally Scott Lee so had always assumed the B-List at Capital was a reference to Electric

    Flip Fan
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  3. It is - when she finds out her midweek position.

    oops. Flop fan here too.
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  4. This clip is for the previous single ‘Get it On’. Electric went in at #15 in the midweeks.
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  5. Think I need to go back and watch!
    All I remember is the sassy woman at Concept (whose name seems to escape me right now) and being told off by the woman down the road for the fireworks.
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  6. Reality shows are "staged" in so far as the producers set up interesting moments to film.

    They filmed her finding out her chart position because that's a key moment in the narrative. The fact that she cried was not planned. She spent tens of thousands of pounds of her own money on a passion project and it didn't chart well. That's heart-breaking as an artist. That's somebody's life. But for MTV it's hilarious footage.

    Think of the other moments in the series that MTV created:

    • They tried to make her release her single head-to-head with her brother, for entertainment value, so that at least one of them would "flop". Lisa fights against this in the show and is portrayed as demanding
    • Knowing full well that the single wasn't top 10, they wanted to read the entire top 10 one by one to her, live on air, to make the "moment of realisation" even more crushing
    • Right in the middle of the series, a tabloid newspaper prints an exclusive that Lisa's husband is supposedly cheating on her. It makes up a big part of an episode. Who planted that fake (and devastating) 'exclusive' in the newspaper?
    • They put a contract in front of her, several weeks into filming, contractually obliging her to quit her career if they single goes top 10. That is utterly grotesque. In a later episode, she says she regrets ever agreeing to it
    • The time pressure ("we have to have the single out by episode 6") is totally artificial and exists only to make the TV show more exciting, but severely affects her chance of success. It later transpires there are barely enough CDs in the shops to go top 10.
    When I see the show I don't see Lisa hamming it up for the cameras, I see somebody constantly about to cry because they are hurting.
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  7. Dame Roseann McBride.
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  8. I seem to remember them pulling off the Woolies deal in the end so there were enough copies about
  9. SBK


    Yeah, there was the drama about Woolworths not taking it, but that must have been so staged - there was no way Woolworths weren't taking it, they were stocking the top 75 in most stores.
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Any chance they would have gone as far as deliberately not getting enough singles to stores to ensure Lisa would fail?
  11. I dunno, they said something about "only stocking guaranteed top 10s" and that rang true at the time.. they were getting more picky by 2005 because singles sales were collapsing. And it was already well known that you couldn't really get top 10 without Woolies because of their market share.
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  12. SBK


    No, MTV weren't involved in the distribution of the single, and it was not in Concept's interest to deliberately disadvantage the release.
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  13. I'm just stunned to see so many people here that can't recite the entire series word for word.
  14. LSL walked so Kim K could run. It would be interesting and probably be really good for Lisa if she had an opportunity to do a proper interview about that time and even comment on the toxicity of reality TV and exploitation she went through and what other stars still do nowadays. But I understand it probably is just awful thinking back to it and she probably would rather forget about it, just a shame it's what she is remembered the most for!
  15. MB


    surprised this hasn’t been mentioned in here yet.
  16. W2K


    Is this it girls? Is it really happening?

    Until the second wave hits and this all gets postponed again.
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  17. MB


    I expect Steps are the “2 should be released by the end of the year”. People are saying the September one might be Erasure.
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  18. While I agree with this, in that particular scene she is given the contract and says something to the effect of "wow there is so much to read through in this contract" and signs it, with the encouragement of her husband, because they can't be bothered to read it properly or have someone look over it in detail for them. I would say some of the fault lies with Lisa there.

    I recently rewatched the show (again!) and the bad management around her and her career remains totally baffling (and yes, hilarious at times). She was in a hugely successful pop group and they sent her right back to the bottom, doing crappy club PAs and encouraging her to strip off for coverage (that bit is particularly unpleasant to watch).
  19. That was the way things were done back then though, no?
    Even B*witched were made to do lads mags. Tragic.

    Also an era where Victoria Beckham still did the shitty PAs and signings to get the True Steppers song to smash.You had not choice but to stan be out there hustling.
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  20. I remember some press being quite mean about her at the time, calling into question why she was even bothering with a solo career when she wasn't Claire (you know how they always like to play off the women and have this idea that only one member can ever be successful after). But then Lately came along and there was some reassessment that she could go in a more Ibiza-ey dance direction rather than just continue with a Steps sound.

    Faye's lack of a solo career (other than that one duet) has always been a mystery to me.
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