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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I think he meant the Barbra and Donna song at the start of the performance.
  2. Yeah he meant No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
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  3. Personally I'd rather they limit the medleys to 1...

    I know they have a massive back catalogue, but I'd be up for an album track medley lasting 8-9 minutes. (My personal choice would be Back To You, Movin On, I Surrender, Turn Around.

    Other than that, and it won't happen, but I'd like it all to be full songs, whatever gets dropped gets dropped, but one thing I have noticed is that in the introduction spiel on ticketmaster and various other ticket sites, we can 'expect' Say You'll Be Mine to be performed.

    If the above medley doesn't happen I'd love Never Say Never Again and Just Like The First time to be performed too.
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  4. Oooh what spiel are you talking about?
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  5. I've always felt Back to You, Movin On and I Will Love Again have a similar kind of vibe. Very girl heavy, bouncy uptempos and I think they would fit together well in a medley. They could force Happy Go Lucky/Only in My Dreams in to make a one-from-every-era deep cut medley.

    Not that they have any need to do that with their back catalogue of amazing bops.
  6. Didn’t someone post here that All Out Of Love was now listed with Steps as the performers?

    Either way, it’s on my Steps playlist.
  7. And the dancer with the expanding ball thing. Shortly after seeing that tour I won one at a fair and thought I was IT.
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  8. Done some research on that and... B6BFCDB9-6834-48D4-B769-C9E7A47006E6.jpeg

    Two Hearts Beat as One is also listed under Steps but Half A Heart is under H&Claire
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  9. Their introduction on a number of ticket sites (as a band and for the tour) they say we can expect to hear Tragedy, Stomp, Say You'll be Mine and Last Thing On My Mind.
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked, this thread has moved so quickly the last couple of days. Do we know if there will be more meet and greet packages on sale on Friday, or do they all get sold in the pre-sale?
  11. Perhaps they were originally written for Steps?
  12. That was my logic too. Seems likely.
  13. Tracks that I'd love to hear on tour would be:

    Here and now
    This heart will love again
    Never say never again
    Just like the first time
    To be your hero
    Stop me from loving you
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  14. I don't really understand the desire for All Out Of Love to be performed. I think Claire's head would pop off if she had to sing that live. And I obviously love her, I'm not hating. I just think it sounds really pitched up or something. It would have been a gorgeous Steps song with Faye and Lisa though. Faye doing H's verse obviously. Then Claire belting and ad-libbing all over the choruses.
  15. W2K


    Claire has sung it live on her tour though? Albeit pitched down, but still...
  16. SBK


    Unlikely, however they've always been listed as steps on that site.

    All out of love was written around the time of Half A Hearts release specially to have that steps sound.
  17. Means nothing; Ticketmaster and the like have no idea on setlists and just advertise using some song titles. They did it with Britney for several tours where they used Oops!...I Did It Again as a selling point and it was never on the setlist.
  18. Nope, can confirm for sure that definitely wasn’t the case. It was written and recorded last minute as Tim Byrne pooped his pants when Half A Heart didn’t perform as well as anticipated.
  19. Just saw a TV advert for the tour on ITV.

    Clips from the Party tour and the Future video with Stomp, Tragedy and Future used as backing music.
  20. I would assume there would be a few more but don’t quote me on that.
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