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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I've got the audio of It's The Way You Make Me Feel, but not the video.
  2. I think the 25th anniversary would be a perfect time for the alternative versions of the hits rather than another 'hits' affair.

    I agree, it would be too soon to expect another arena tour to celebrate, but who knows what will happen. I'd prefer another new album, with a few gigs similar to Christmas with Steps. We all want different things, but another greatest hits I think is a no-no.
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  4. I’m thrilled they stan No Way No Way. Actual classic.
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  5. In the Official Charts interview Lee said they were glad they didn't do an acoustic album- so I'm not sure an Abbey Road style album is really in their sights
  6. Maybe a re-recorded Greatest Hits, with new vocals and arrangements (hiya Steve Anderson!), and not forgetting the addition of some album track favourites (Paradise Lost, Luv U More, and... Experienced (I kid! I kid!)
  7. Faye has said previously (May 2020) that they have spoken about doing an Abbey Road style album, unplugged affair, and that it would “be lovely”, and I got the sense that it had been a fairly recent conversation. A new Greatest Hits wouldn’t make any sense at all, but I think the former could truly work in their favour and show off the beauty of these songs. Then again, I didn’t like Claire’s solo acoustic releases of Deeper Shade of Blue etc, so who knows, but I think it would be better than that.
  8. Think it would work nicely as an add-on or bonus disk, but as a standalone release I don't think it would be a massive success.
  9. Totally agree. Maybe do an orchestral EP or something but a full on release for an orchestral full album would go over people’s heads I think. Especially casuals. Even I wouldn’t be particularly bothered by it.
    The classics are awesome but they’ve been done to death.
    Reproductions of some of the classics though produced by Steve Anderson for example, now that’s more appealing.
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  10. Simon Ellis (Spice Girls/Baby Dont Dance) is great at putting a twist on the songs. Apart from the latest tour he was the musical director for the Spice Girls tours and add an alternative twist. While the last SG tour was very faithful to the material it was a celebration which steps have stayed close to the original material.
  11. He is also a complete narcissist and rehashes parts of other tours (Femme Fatale) for other tours (S Club 7) when he thinks nobody will notice. Steve Anderson has proven himself to be better.
  12. MB


    Yep definitely Steve over Simon. He’s really in a league of his own.
  13. W2K


    Simon Ellis didn’t do Spice World 2019, and nor would I want him anywhere near Steps’ material. He hasn’t done anything remarkable in a number of years. Best to stick with Steve.
  14. Simon is the definition of “had it, lost it”.
  15. And won't get over it.
  16. On another note, I was totally oblivious that Sophie Ellis Bextor had had so many hits. It's not quite as much of a booking as the Vengaboys, but looks to be a decent addition to the tour on paper.
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  17. Sophie will be a great support. Hit after hit with no filler.
  18. Her big hits plus covers versions from her Kitchen Disco set should be pretty perfect for a Steps warm-up!
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  19. For me it's kind of cool Sophie is supporting as she was the first concert I ever went to back in 2002, supporting Steps, the act that I've seen live the most times (will be the 10th and potentially 11th time since 2012).
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  20. Listening to the Hits Radio takeover just now. Last Thing On My Mind still sounds so good on the radio. God, I miss the 90s!
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