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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I just turned it on and Lisa is talking about Sia!!!

    She acknowledged we've all picked up on it, lord bless her
  2. Lisa is a big Sia fan apparently... who knew?
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  3. Listening too. Love that their joy and love for the project can’t be denied, even though they’re not in the same room together. And Lisa really is trolling us with all of these Sia mentions now, nn.
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  4. Can I ask your opinion on which are the better tickets for the O2 seating

    A3 Row U
    B1 Row K

    Friend and I both bought them and now have to choose which ones to put back in the resale
  5. I beg to differ

  6. W2K


    Even that could be so much better musically. Rachel of course shone through like the true queen she is.
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  7. Have you had a look on

    You may be able to get a better idea if you have a look on there.
  8. I would keep A3 and put B1 on resale personally. Especially with the catwalk, A3 could be a great view
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  9. No pleasing some.
  10. Let’s not do this.
  11. W2K


    I just have high standards after years of listening to Steve Anderson’s versions. They please me immensely.
  12. I always felt Simon Ellis’ work lacked depth, there was a hollowness and a lack of richness to the production. I remember being so disappointed by the production on “Baby Don’t Dance”, it felt like a watered down “Don’t Stop Movin’” which was of course not what I wanted from Steps. He does seem to repeat the same tricks over and over.

    The only producer/director I’ve imagined would be amazing for Steps aside from the brilliant Steve is Stuart Price. Imagine a Steps ‘Confessions’. I guess we kinda got elements of that with Tears/Party.
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  13. My mate managed to get tickets in Block A3 Row A for the o2 which I thought were incredible seats right at the front though he's not so sure now as the seats 52-54. From the plans it appears these are off the stage. Has anyone ever sat in this area is familiar with the the o2 front blocks?
  14. Just looked up Stuarts work and he done Kylies Aphrodite which was nothing but epic
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  15. Google “o2 arena detailed seating plan” and you can see where they are.
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  16. They are front row seats indeed but they are the furthest on the outside of the blocks, so you will be looking to your left side to see the stage/catwalk
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  17. I sat there last tour and LOVED IT! Still a great view.
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  18. Any update on ticket sales?
  19. MB


    Queen LSL on brand with her Zoom background.
  20. It has just occurred to me that this tour will mark ten years since their original reunion and twenty since the split.

    The passage of time is a weird and wonderful thing.
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