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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    We did one at the Doncaster summer gig and had a wonderful time (despite being in Doncaster)
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  2. Are any of you on twitter? I know there are some group chats for pop acts on there..let me know..could be cool to have some steps mutals over there
  3. LPT


    The tour is not until November 2021.
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  4. I'm also going to Leeds. And on my own so definitely up for some sort of meet up.
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  5. Yeah @AussiePopstar just get a ticket with your mates and in the worst case scenario sell it. Don't book flights or anything else though or if you do make sure they're refundable ones.
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  6. I was going to but the simple fact is there's no time line as to when Australians will be allowed to travel internationally.
    I think I'll just save the money and hope that I can do it all last minute if the option arises.
  7. I'd be up for a PJ meet up. It sounded a great time you all had last time! I'm doing the Super Package if anyone else is there?
  8. Just spending a bit of time thinking about this singles run:

    Deeper Shade Of Blue
    Summer Of Love
    It’s The Way You Make Me Feel
    Here & Now
    You’ll Be Sorry
    Chain Reaction

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  9. For me, Chain Reaction is the weaker of them all.
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  10. May the power of the Graham Stack remix compel you!
  11. W2K


    This is madness. It’s one of their best singles for me!
  12. Chain Reaction is bombastic, electrifying pop excellence.

    Anyone who says any different is categorically wrong.
  13. The production on “Chain Reaction” took them to the next level at just the right time, for the greatest hits. “Words Are Not Enough” was a bizarre way to end though, didn’t even feel like a Steps ballad to me, the melody is too samey especially in the chorus. I didn’t think much of the vocals either by comparison to earlier ballads. I think it was more a vocal production issue, see also “I Will Love Again” haha, sorry can’t help myself!

    I feel like Graham Stack would have been the perfect producer for their fourth album had they continued, but a larger part of me thinks they were hellbent on working with US/Swedish producers and we would have got more “Here and Now”/“Buzzz” type tracks, and possibly fewer Claire-led choruses. I know those two tracks are entirely different, but still, they both sort of miss the Steps mark for me, one more than the other.
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  14. There's a super ticket package for Sheffield and 4 for Nottingham back up on Event Travel if anyone missed out. There were 3 Meet and Greet tickets for Nottingham earlier but they've gone now.
  15. To be fair those clips seem to take a direct feed from the sound desk. I doubt it sounded like that in the room.

    He can also be heard doing it on the crappy Live! 2012 album.
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  16. The direct feed recording would have been good enough for a release had they done it. I love the live band sound.
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  17. They can open with that or do something drastic with it.
  18. Imagine that intro echoing around an arena
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  19. I have a feeling they will open with a new song or possibly an old song...

    I think I’m right, you know!
  20. LPT


    There is a time line.
    The Prime Minister said early to mid 2021 for international travel in and out of Australia.

    At the end of the day who really knows if any gigs planned for next year will actually go-ahead. It's lovely to hope they do though! Best of luck with your plans!
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