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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Under My Skin made #30 on the download chart.
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  2. MB


    Who else is releasing the same week bar Barlow?
  3. I have to take some of my comment back, as now that I'm looking again, a lot of the acts I read either don't have a release date confirmed or they're actually the week after. The only ones from Nov 27th that I can see getting a decent first week (then plummeting after) are Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and The Smashing Pumpkins.

    But if Steps sell on par with their last album, they should beat them.
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  4. If Something In Your Eyes storms it, that will give the album a huge boost.
  5. There's really no way Something in Your Eyes can not go off. It's going to be everything we're hoping for and more, I'm sure.
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    I’m happy with all the optimism but I can’t see it being as huge as people are saying! It’ll do well but “Steps well” not any better than that.
  7. What is "Steps well"? Number 2 album and a sell out tour?
  8. MB


    I meant in terms of the performance of a single in 2020.
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  9. The anxiety I feel when she can’t get the booklet out, it’s the main reason I hate digipacks, I have ripped and/or warped a few albums this way and it gives me the fear.
  10. Yeah I really don't think a slightly worse chart position than last time is going to make any difference to their decision over whether to carry on or not. They'll be looking at the bigger picture.

    And in terms of "credibility", I don't make it makes any real difference.
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  11. I’m loving under my skin more and more every day. I think I like it more than what the future holds.
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  12. Is this the Something In Your Eyes music video set?!
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  13. The hashtag...
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  14. That would be awesome but I doubt they’d be using pictures from the shoot before the single has been released, let alone the video. Nice idea though.
  15. W2K


    No, it’s from the O2 when they were doing tour promo a few weeks ago.
  16. This is a place at the O2 called Selfie Factory
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  17. Looking at the current album chart sales, I feel like they'll comfortably get a top 10 position in November. Top 5 would be great, and is probably where expectations should be at I think? Number 2/3 fantastic. Number 1 probably out of the question with Barlow, but we can dream I suppose...
  18. Is Barlow really that big of a seller? Does his solo stuff really do that well? I have no idea?
  19. The Bublé collaboration is a likely to appeal to a lot of people and it's an easy 'mum' gift
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