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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It makes you feel old when next year its 20 years for them splitting and 10 years since they came back.
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Also meaning they've been back as long as they've been away???!
  3. The track hasn't really set the world on fire though. Not even close.
  4. Singles don't often do that these days whereas albums would still be the go-to thing for fans of his age group.
  5. I get that but in terms of the Buble track helping shift albums, I can't see it doing much heavy lifting at the moment. It hasn't had much airplay and there doesn't seem much buzz around it. Although the music video isn't out yet so that could change.
  6. Are we thinking next weekend for the release of Something In Your Eyes? Or is that too soon?
  7. I think we'll get Kylie next weekend with Steps the one after which would be for weeks before album release
  8. I want the album now!!! I’m in such a steps state of shock.
  9. I cannot wait for Something In Your Eyes- I'm thinking 2-3 weeks max before the album release so that it's close enough to build momentum/drive sales.
  11. I think we will get Something In Your Eyes in the next two weeks, then the video a week or so later perhaps.
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  12. I really hope the video for Something In Your Eyes has a "brighter"/more playful vibe to it*.

    Whilst I liked the videos for Scared of the Dark, Neon Blue, Dancing With a Broken Heart and What The Future Holds they are all very "dark"/moody. 2020 needs to see Steps at their campest!

    *(NOT in a Story of a Heart kind of way).
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  13. I keep imagining everything being turquoise blue in the video for some reason but then that’s too Better Best Forgotten
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  14. Didn’t they say it was a different colour for them. Jane they done orange?
  15. I think Something in your eyes release date' may well depend on what happens in Wales tomorrow (we are expecting a firebreak lockdown announcement) - which may or may not make H unavailable depending on what's said. Also, I'd imagine with the way things are going the sooner Lisa gets into the UK, the better... That is, if, she needs to return for promo or whether it was all filmed during the launch.
  16. I would assume they’ve already filmed stuff because Lisa would have to be back in Dubai regardless.
  17. MB


    It doesn’t really matter about lockdowns when it comes to “work” as there are exemptions for that. It’s just childcare that might be the issue I guess. I expect that the team expected this could happen so will have planned in advance, although we do know that there was a video shoot planned for November.
  18. Do we?
  19. Wales is definitely going into a firebreak lockdown between 1800 on Friday 23rd October and 0001 on Monday 9th November. But it won't affect anything to do with Something In Your Eyes as they recorded promo for that when Lisa was over before. Anything else would be on Zoom anyway. Also as @MB says there's always ways around it if it's for work.
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