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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds (6th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. If so, any guesses what this would be? What more could we want?
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  2. Signed vinyl, individual CD covers or maybe a mini-disc or something super retro. Basically, I just want to be milked over and over again.
  3. I don't have a record player but if there were extra tracks on a vinyl rather than signatures (like Kylie) I'd be 1st in the queue.
  4. Bit personal that mate... haha
  5. i would love the individual album covers to happen!
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  6. Is this a hint for an appearance at the annual Christmas or New Year's TOTP? A well deserved spot on there and it has only been 19 years since their last live performances on that show.
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    That would make sense.
    Without it the tweet just made me feel 'how old/dumb do you think your average fan is??'
    (Don't answer this)
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  8. SBK


    Or that its better best forgotten?
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  9. Off topic but I adore Thomas Rhett!
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  10. I’m sure someone in Random Thoughts will x
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  11. This time next week we will all be stanning over the album, I can’t wait. I surprised my dad with tickets for the tour next year for his 60th birthday last month, we are buzzing. This will be our 6th time seeing them together, definitely a tradition now.
  12. As a very, veeeeeeeery casual fan... I kind of love Hold My Heart.
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  13. W2K


  14. Bodes well for album of the week
  15. Who's voting for Electric and All out of love?
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  16. I'll be requesting Jenny's version of Something in Your Eyes of course.
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  17. Newbie to this thread here... Wanted to say how much I have loved Comeback Steps since 2017.

    The feeling when you first heard SOTD was euphoric, and never thought it could be beat...but I think that WTFH just pips it for me. I played both on repeat for many weeks but WTFH just beats it I think (going by plays). SIYE is a great track but I end up just singing SOAH everytime when I try to sing it to myself. Too similar for me. Still listen to it but WTFH is just off the scale.

    Also found a behind the scenes of their last tour on Youtube the other day which was great. Really lovely to see how much they genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves. Plus is great to hear them sing live every did we accept the mass mimeage back in the 90s!? haha.

    TOTD album was a solid banger of an album (one, if not their best) , looking forward to what the new one brings on Friday.
  18. I’m SO perched for their version of Fathers Eyes. I love the original and I’m just especially so excited to hear Faye on it.
  19. As of yesterday I'd ordered the signed CD of What The Future Holds and that was it. I don't collect vinyl or cassettes so hadn't bothered with any of the bundles. Then I saw H's Insta posts about the cassettes and I now have a pre order of 2 CD's, 2 vinyl and 6 cassettes. Plus I've just bought the 2 Tears vinyls having not wanted them before.

    My bank account will shudder if they announce more formats this week but I wish we were getting individual CDs like we did for Tears.
  20. MB


    I hope they do more formats. Borelow has released a cassette bundle with a signed Christmas card for Peet’s sake! He’s got A LOT of bundles on his site - more so than Steps have. As much as I love them and will buy them I do think it’s getting beyond ridiculous.
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