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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. They really should and hopefully will, but I’m not sure they are willing to invest as much in Steps. So, whatever we get, it’s likely to be low(er)key than Kylie’s Disco extravaganza.
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  2. BMG will know how many preorders there have been, and what position is realistic in each different chart. Im sure that will determine what they invest in them, but I think it's very very unrealistic to think we'll have anything like they've done for Kylie.

    I'm obviously wishing they recorded a mini gig to stream in the initial promo fortnight (even if it's the same setup as the One Show performance) but that's probably hoping for too much.
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  3. MB


    I didn’t mean an infinite disco affair I just meant zoom promo, listening parties, 78 new signed formats etc
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  4. They’re not going to be able to do new signed formats with Lisa being in Dubai.
  5. What is everyone wanting the Hold My Heart to serve?
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I mean.. it's a ballad. With it being the closing track I'm hoping it's big and sweeping though.
    More Heartbeat/It's The Way You Make Me Feel/You're Everything That Matters To Me than When I Said Goodbye or Experienced for sure.
  7. They might, I mean they are currently ALL signing more Amazon copies at the moment, I’m assuming Lisa will be signing those too and she’s in Dubai.
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  8. Hopefully Faye-centric ala Since You Took Your Love Away.
  9. I reckon it's the first ever Lee lead ballad.
  10. Could be, I mean he has to be on there somewhere before it’s his “favourite track”
  11. I think Lee’s going to shine, a nice bit of piano, decent shared vocals and generally just a pleasant nice to have ballad.... before more BOPS!
  12. He will definitely have a verse. The track will be split like What The Future Holds, very even.
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  13. Pretty sure they have Sharpies in Dubai.
  14. I have it on good authority it's a rerecording of All Out Of Love with Lee on lead.

    On a serious note, they definitely did at least two lighting setups and two costume changes the day they did the One Show performance. It would seem a waste to do that just for a little Twitter video, so I hope they recorded at least another performance that day.
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  15. I’m a sucker for formats but I’m not sure we’ll get any more. At least until the possibility of a “What The Future Holds” deluxe edition next year.

    It would be a good move to re-release it in an expanded edition with more formats next year, closer to the tour, in order to keep the album “fresh”.
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  16. I’m pretty sure a re-release next year is almost guaranteed. But yep it would have been nice to at least have an alternate CD cover to push extra sales on release week, or even a limited deluxe edition. I bought individual signed copies of the Tears re-release foolishly, I probably would have done something stupidly similar again*

    *Just NOT cassettes
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  17. I bought the cassettes. All six, along with the vinyl, signed CD and the T-shirt!

    Love having different formats.
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  18. What I did notice with Kylie was the double cassette with an additional 4 tracks. I wonder if this is something that could be in the pipeline.
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  19. That was just because she’s released a standard and a deluxe and that particular cassette was for the deluxe.
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  20. I like Under the Skin, but it’s not a song I’ve seeked out to listen to since it’s release. Maybe it’s just gotten lost in my mind amidst how much music has been released of late. However it’s not a song I’ll be eager to skip when listening to the album, it’s easy listening.

    If Hold My Heart is a big swooping traditional Steps ballad in the vein of Heartbeat and It’s the Way You Make Me Feel then fantastic. If it’s more like Under the Skin then that’s fine, it just means there’s more/better to look forward to on album release day.

    Either way, new Steps is never a bad thing!
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