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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Oh wow Clouds.
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  2. Chart wise there is a lot of competition, top 10 is pretty much guaranteed? Or too hard to say?
  3. I think I liked Tears more on first listen but that was one hell of an album and knew it would be hard to top personally.

    But still, this new album is easily one of the best overall. I think the only song I was not floored by was Come and Dance With Me.
  4. I'd be very surprised if we didn't go at least top 5.
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  5. Happy Steps-mas!!! I'm saving it for tomorrow-want to listen to the physical CD a la 1999! Album package is scheduled for delivery tomorrow-counting down the seconds!

    I absolutely love To The Beat Of My Heart- instantly catchy! Such an earworm. I agree that it's not got that Steps-DNA running through it-but as a one-off banger, it absolutely works. For me, To The Beat Of My Heart is the sort of elusive 'gateway single' that could appeal to the general public. I know I'll be in the minority but for me I'd happily have had Something In Your Eyes as the lead single (it's everything I love about Steps) and this as the follow-up.

    Enjoy today everyone!
  6. I actually think they could score top 5. This weeks #1 will barely scrap 30K, so will struggle for it's 2nd week. AC/DC's sales have dropped in it's 2nd week so it's 3rd week shouldn't be a problem. It will be Miley. Gary and perhaps Dua and maybe even Spandal Ballet that are the challengers this week along with Steps.
  7. It’s definitely a lot more midtempo than I was expecting. However, no matter the pace of each song - it all feels very strong.

    To the Beat of My Heart & Come and Dance with Me are the standouts so far. I can imagine really falling in love with Clouds with time - it feel very grand and immaculate
  8. I'm actually a little in love with Under My Skin and can't wait for those of you who get the physical album to confirm the official lyrics ...
  9. Lee


    It’s too soon to pick my favourites!

    Vocally I feel like they’ve pushed themselves further then before, especially on the solos, or it could be the 2 bottles of wine I’ve drank waiting for the release???!!
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  10. It’s such a varied album. There’s definitely a lot more experimentation on it. When they have delivered utter bangers like What The Future Holds, there’s room for experimentation.

    To The One really has a Steptacular-era vibe to it. In fact a few of the tracks have a really classic era Steps vibe to them melodically, even if the production is a lot more modern.
  11. To the One better be played live. Classic Steps with that one.
  12. Perhaps warming a bit more to Hold My Heart now in context. Clouds is fine, Fathers Eyes is wonderful, One Touch is a basic bop, Under My Skin is still a favourite. Heartbreak In This City is serving me all my 80s glitter fantasies. Come And Dance With Me is not the one, nope! September Sun needs it's drums back. To The One is the absolute ONE!!! Totally my favourite song on the album and it gives me what I was expecting from them the most. Love, love, love To The One! Don't You Leave Us Halfway is fine.

    I will agree with what others have said that I don't feel it is necessary for all members to sing on each song. I just think it makes some songs a bit jarring. I could really have done with a few more girl only tracks with boys on backing duty.

    I also agree that this is much more a Steptacular affair with the mix of songs and styles.
  13. Just wrapping up my first listen through.

    That was fucking brilliant.
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  14. Come and Dance With Me is giving me S Club album track vibes. Maybe because of the Mediterranean vibe!
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  15. [​IMG]

    First listen now...
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  16. There are so many little references in the songs - that just make me think of the medleys that they can do
  17. legends only
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  18. It’s definitely a bit “Viva La Fiesta”

    I think it’s very Gloria Estefan actually.

    I want them to do it on tour with colourful salsa outfits and baskets of fruit on their heads.
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  19. The chorus to Heartbreak In This City is very S Club Juniors.... And I love that.
  20. The verses in To The One remind me a bit of You’re Not Everything To Me. There are so many moments on this album. Another glorious triumph. We truly are not worthy of Steps.
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