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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Sorry if it's been discussed, but does anyone know the history of "To the Beat of My Heart"? It has a million writers, including Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper (when was the last time they worked together?) and Mollie King. It has a bit of a "Get Ready Get Set" by the Saturdays sound, but it's not a Xenomania production. Maybe Mollie solo song or left over Saturdays song?
  2. I have to say that after hearing the entire album a few times that my worries about a couple of songs I wasn't sure about were unfounded. I love how To The Beat Of My Heart sounds with the album as a whole. I think I was put off because it was a different sound for them. I do get it now, but it's a summer bop for sure. Hold My Heart the other song I wasn't fussed on has also grown on me. It gives a vibe and feeling to the album and some variety. I would say I love the whole thing, it's a great pop album. I think the only one I am not getting or that into is Come And Dance With Me.

    Fathers Eyes does things to me, it's gorgeous and To The One sends me hurtling through time and space on a melancholic spacebop.
  3. Just purchased the album and may have also accidentally slipped all of their other albums into my cart that I've never heard before too (I've only ever heard Gold).

    This album made me do that, I absolutely love it.
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  4. Most Xenomania songs have like a million writers. If you are making tea in the studio and cough during a writing session you are credited as a contributor.
    It was originally to be a single for Mollie but that was scrapped.
  5. Impossible to tell for me since it was so criminally and horribly autotuned! Thought it was Claire too
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  6. Love how modern but still STEPS this album sounds. They have done it again!!!
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  7. I wish I can unsee that music eyes.

    I am really loving the new steps album. It's a great progression from their last album, and some great beats on there/
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sadly the album isn’t doing much but I do appreciate the maturity in the music this era.
  9. This is a moment!!!

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  10. How come? There's a midweek already?
  11. It's the UK iTunes chart.
  12. A brilliant start to the week, however long it stays at the top. I know iTunes means very little in the grand scheme of things but it’s a nice soundbite. Lisa will be shouting this from the rooftops for weeks to come.
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  13. MB


    I honestly don’t think there’s a skippable track on here for me. It’s been such a long wait but it’s an amazing pop masterpiece. I can’t even put into words how unworthy we are of this band.
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  14. Love the album! This is classic steps for me. Reminds me so much of the Buzz album.
  15. It’s definitely Claire
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  16. Happy Steps Day everyone. The album is a triumph, its sat at the top of iTunes, our bundles are probably lost, enjoy this moment,

    before streaming probably ruins it all.
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  17. Your Royal Mail parcel from TOWNSEND MUSIC is due to be delivered today :)
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  18. Gosh, I forgot how shite the mixes for Half A Heart were. Shame as it’s a TUNE...! Anyhow, back to how Come And Dance With Me is the one! Faye probably chose it so she can use it on Strictly Come Dancing
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  19. MB


    Same! Praise the pop gods!!
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  20. All the H and Claire singles went up on Spotify today (interesting timing!) Claire with corn-rows is a strange look:


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