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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. The next dance routine isn't as energetic...

  2. hahaha I guess it means like their grey areas - if it was hair it would be 'GREYS'.
    I guess I was closest with 'prey'...
    anyway glad to have this mystery somewhat solved haha
  3. Last Thing On My Mind is shook.

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  4. I assume it refers to a 'mood', similar to when you're feeling blue. A bit like a grey day, when the weather is iffy.
  5. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! Faye's voice just does something to me! I'm starting really love One Touch much more than I initially did. It's not a basic bop it's a fantastical bop! So much fun to sing along to.
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  6. Uno


    I don't actively dislike anything I've heard, but it does feel like a lot less exciting than Tears On The Dancefloor.

    Of course there are many bops to enjoy (Heartbreak In The City and Father's Eyes are early favorites) but it's definitely more of an expected generic route than their original comeback album.
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  7. Is the BBC Breakfast interview on Iplayer?
  8. The album isn't bad but it's not great either. It feels like a bit of a regression from Tears. I'm sure I'll come around eventually but for now, it's just okay.
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  9. My bundles came! I’m so happy! What an album! It’s like Christmas came early. Nothing and nobody can bring me down today.
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  11. Same, my Steps t-shirt fits perfectly! and the pink vinyl is gorgeous.
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  12. So I have a carpet cleaner in and I am currently dancing around the place with To The Beat Of My Heart blasting as if I'm in a rara skirt. Not a single fuck given!

    Why is this becoming my most played song?
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  13. I'd also like to add that my signed copy came today and I got a Lee thumbprint. So while y'all enjoy your H & Claire clones I can have fun with my Lee <3
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  14. Definitely.

    Heartbreak in This City
    is the standout of the new-to-me choons, and Father's Eyes would be if I didn't know the Ask Embla version so well.

    Conversely, Come and Dance with Me and Don't You Leave Us Halfway left me with a big "HUH?" expression. If they were expanded edition newbies I'd get it but... yeah. Huh?
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  15. MB


    This woman doing the Facebook live needs is slightly on the annoying side to say the least.
  16. The holy grail is revealed!

    I'm thinking it's in the vein of things aren't always black and white most things are shades of grey - so they won't let you in and show you their contradictions?

    Maybe a love letter to S&M?

    Or yes, they are just getting older and feel embarrassed about embracing the grey hair

  17. Please tell me someone has Lisa and Faye?
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  18. The chorus to Heartbreak In This City is such a joyous earworm.
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  19. Whilst I get all these jokes about roots are funny, part of it could be about that?
    Show you my grey (roots) = showing you the real, unedited version of me?

    I have the signed Faye edition of Tears, I'll need to go hunt that out. I have a signed Luke Evans print with a partial print, so I think that means I can clone certain parts of him?
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