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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Glasgow still had front row left so I had to have them. Oops.
  2. I'm tempted for a meet and greet Steptacular ticket. Can I ask to stand next to Lisa? Ddd.
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  3. What I need from this era, tour-wise:

    - A Come and Dance With Me/Summer of Love mash-up.
    - Heartbreak in This City performed in full.
    - One Touch performed.
    - Clouds performed.
    - To the Beat of My Heart performed.
    - Something in Your Eyes performed.
    - What the Future Holds (album version) performed.
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  4. I did this at the last Summer tour and they were absolutely lovely about it and Queen kept hugging me.
  5. I am obsessed with To the Beat of My Heart.
  6. I've had Clouds on repeat so much that I haven't had time to appreciate the rest of the album, I'm obsessed with it
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  7. Yea, the backing track in the chorus sounds very similar to Something New's to me too!
  8. I agree with everything except for "Clouds", I just can't find the love for it.
    I wouldn't mind seeing "Under My Skin" as a different kind of ballad and a little more mature.
    I'll admit I had to sit with the album a little and on my 3rd listen its really starting to shine.
    I can see them adding some bangers to this for a tour edition ala their last album and making it even stronger again.
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  9. SBK


    Probably still would physically in some stores.
    Same, Gina G though, I was 12/13... Is it any wonder you've been "rescued" from going out of business 3 times, when you're making gays feel uncomfortable from a young age! As November 2020 has proben, we have £££ on unnecessary amounts of physical music formats. Haha...
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  10. It still fills me with such glee that we’re talking about whether or not Steps will get a number 1 album in 2020. The world works in weird and wonderful ways.
  11. Well Graham Norton didn’t make people rush onto iTunes to buy Gary Barlow. He’s still at #5 (and #45). Steps are still #1 so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it made people want to pop to the supermarket and buy it or order the cd online
  12. I think the Barlow has the supermarket shopper audience sewn up.
  13. They need to do like a festive bundle with some baubles. Get those sales Steps.
  14. MB


    I’ve still got my steps bauble, stocking, Christmas hat and bag from the light up the world campaign. Probably the only decent thing to come out of that time!
  15. Strictly may have a different effect though as most performances this year on there have given the songs a big boost.

    How do the Spotify streams work exactly towards the chart? I have read that only the first ten listens of a song per day would count as streams towards the chart as long as its played for longer than 30 seconds. So if we all play the album ten times per day (which I bet is happening anyways ) those count towards the UK chart. Its 100 paid streams for one sale so ten people would make one sale? The bit I don't understand is with albums how does it work? Do the 13 songs need to be played or is just one song off the album count as a stream?
  16. Do we know if we’re getting a video for To The Beat Of My Heart? It would be a shame to call it a single and not have the full video and remix treatment.
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  17. Ok, the album is WEIRD in places. My jaw dropped at a couple of chord changes.

    Some songs are screaming out for more Claire ad libs.
    The mastering is... not great.
    Don't You Leave Us Halfway is miserable.

    The rest? GAY RIGHTS.
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  18. Don't You Leave Us Halfway is really standing out to me on second listen. Lovely track.
  19. I think I blew my load too early when I have my initial review of the album, a few listens in and this is SO SO STRONG.

    'To The Beat Of My Heart' is still the absolute one for me, but 'Heartbreak In This City' is really challenging that, it's so euphoric and could be a real moment on the tour, in a way 'No More Tears On The Dancefloor' as last time.

    I also really love 'Clouds' and 'To The One'.

    All in all, we really aren't worthy of a band delivering an album of material this strong 23 years into their career. Incredible.
  20. It's insane that a band put together for one line-dancing single in 1997 are not only still going, but making amazing music.
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