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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Played the album about 5 times in full last night with cocktails. Perfect match!
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    Only the top 12 tracks are included and the top two listened tracks are weighted down to match the average of the other 10 and then 1000 streams = 1 sale
  3. Higher resolution photo from the Fault shoot.

  4. I think this is album cover worthy.
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  5. Gary Barlow got album of the week on Radio 2 Really thought Steps would get that and get a few more casual listeners buying the album.
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  7. Apparently #2 in the midweek. So we can write off that #1
  8. :( how unfortunate. Who's number one?
  9. No idea, Ultimate have posted it a few minutes ago.
  10. SBK


    Not that unfortunate, they aren't far behind him.

    Hopefully Miley isn't strong on streaming and they can hold on to top 3
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  11. If you haven’t bought everything from the bundle, get stuff bought! Stream on every platform! Buy a digital copy!
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  12. MB


    Just over 1500 difference. Obviously that’s without streaming but doubt that will add much to either.
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  13. Let's hope there's a Steptacular Bundle ready to go on sale on Monday then lol. How far? Does that midweek include streaming?
  14. SBK


    I have 11 copies of this album, I've done my bit.
  15. How many copies have been sold?
  16. MB


    Just under 21k.
  17. Oh I have too - mine was a message to all who maybe haven’t bought that cassette bundle!
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  18. #2 in Quarter 4 in 2020 though.

  19. SBK


    Great early result. Theres a bit of a gap to 3 so hopefully streaming won't come in ruin it.

    Praying on BMG have a mini disc or different LP colour ready to go. (Please no more cassettes)
  20. Sad times, especially if they give it to them next week. Maybe the Christmas shows are the compensation
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