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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Great result so far (especially being Q4 in 2020) and at least they can say they have another Itunes #1 album. Quite chuffed how its doing on there, it hasnt budged from #1 yet. So happy for them, whod have thought STEPS would be still around 23 years later putting out great Top 5 albums! They really had the last laugh.

    Keeps in with their history of #2’s
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  2. what about a download from iTunes?
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  3. I can't seem to do iTunes I can only get Apple Music

    Let me investigate
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  4. I think even if it still lands top 3 / 5 the fact that 23 years later they are still somewhat of a chart force and an absolute touring machine, when nearly all of their contemporaries are gone, is a testament to how much thay are loved and how they (mostly) got things right.

    Also I'm going in for my first Steps home work out!
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  5. I do! I love Under My Skin. And I love Hold My Heart as well.
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  6. If Fascination are reading the forum, please can we also have a Steps mug in a new bundle.
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  7. I've still got the Step One mug with rotating rings!
  8. Unless the others have a MAJOR surge of streaming, I think it’s safe to say they will be at the very least #2 on Friday.
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  9. I would be very, very happy with #2 for them (again - it's almost tradition at this point), but just imagine the justice of a number one album from Steps in 2020. If they were ever going to get it, now would be the time - after the two killer singles and the BMG team behind them, but I know Barlow seems to have a large audience, as well as three prime-time slots and Radio 2 album of the week, which I really thought they'd give to Steps, so that's a shame - he seems to have got all the available slots.

    I wonder do they have anything up their sleeves for next week bar these virtual events...
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  10. I don't really understand why they put both versions of What The Future Holds in the album, or more specifically - in the order they have on the tracklist. Like, which one is supposed to be the 'extra' version? Is it meant to be the album closer instead of Hold My Heart? I much prefer the longer version by the way.
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  11. Oddly enough, I hear radio 2 a lot. Pretty much all day at work. And I’ve heard a lot more Steps AirPlay than I have Gary.
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  12. I can on windows - lovely

    so I can say

    1 Unsigned CD
    1 Unsigned CD + Signed Christmas Card
    1 Signed CD
    1 Black Vinyl
    1 Pink Vinyl
    1 Picture Disc Vinyl
    6 cassettes
    1 paid download

    Sadly on iTunes Barlow was a trending search
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  13. Guessing it helps with the rules of streaming as you can only use an average of 10 tracks excluding singles or something like that. So maybe the album version helps with that.
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  14. I'm very surprised there's been no merchandise. They really should have bled us dry with a mug, calendar, and as someone said "Christmas tat". An advent calendar even! I know they're not targeting kids but um...I'd definitely still be here for a calendar and a mug! I don't buy unofficial merch (or any merch generally), but the nostalgia this album is giving me (in a year where we'd really be anywhere else!) means I'd give money for anything that would show gratitude towards Steps. I do think releasing in Q4 has made it feel more quintessentially Steps too.
  15. OK so if 10 of us streamed the album ten times over 24hours it would result in 1 more sale? If we use different streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music we could double this.
  16. Everything happens for a reason but it would have been interesting to see if they’d reached #1 back when it was originally supposed to be released.
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  17. Potentially as a 13 track album only 12 of the tracks will count and the top two streamed tracks - which I'm guessing will be What the Future Holds and Something In Your Eyes will be downweighted to the average of the remaining 10

    So I think if we all heavily streamed the non singles it would mean that the top two aren't weighted down so much


    We can just forget about it all and be thankful we have a top 5 album, a well-selling tour to look forward to and most certainly a well funded campaign for the 25th anniversary (bring on the reissues)
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  18. I'm hoping we get a singles box set at the end of this campaign again.
  19. Or could both
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  20. They’d be crazy not too. It’s essentially them printing money!
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