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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I also would love a live stream version of this album. With the intimacy of Melanie C's one. Them just focusing on all the 12 songs on the LP in full. Without exception all 12 would kill it live. I hope as much of this album makes the tour next year.

    If they can finally perform Buzzz then I'll be truly happy!

    But so pleased we are at least number 2 in the midweeks at this point. It's so great. A number one would be special. I actually can't believe we are potentially THAT close. As always I am a proud Stepster!
  2. There are some bops on the new album. I might need to listen a few times for some of the other (less instant) tracks to click.

    I'm loving 'To the beat of my heart'. It reminds me of another song. I think maybe 'Uh la la la' from the Queer as Folk soundtrack.
  3. So the mids so far is:

    1. Gary 23K
    2. Steps 21K (1.6K behind)
    3. King King (who?) 4.2K
    4. Miley 3.9K
    5. Ball and Boe

    Not what I was expecting and if Steps are outselling 3-10 combined, Miley must be quite low on physicals so her streaming has to be up there on Ariana levels to catch up I would think.

    I would imagine breaking it down, it would look something like:

    1. Gary
    2. Steps
    3. King King
    4. Miley

    1. Steps
    2. Miley
    5. Gary

    1. Miley
  4. Wow Gary is number one? I thought it was Miley. Surely Steps can over take Gary with a big push by BMG this week like they did for Kylie
  5. Kylie was always ahead in the midweeks though.
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  6. And Gary also has a Strictly performance still to come tomorrow that will only help, not hinder his sales, whereas we haven’t been made aware of Steps having any televised performances actually airing this week. 2 really is fantastic though and the numbers they’re selling at versus the rest of the top 10 is a good sign.
  7. If nothing else it looks like a solid #2 which is an amazing result, once streaming is added that may close the gap ever so slightly? Though neither Steps or Gary are particularly strong on it. It's definitely an uphill battle, but if BMG pull the same stunts they did with Kylie then I think it could be close. I'm suspicious that there's no deluxe edition (yet) as most BMG artists have one, and surely signed vinyls are a given. I wonder if they've also done a larger run of the face masks and fortune cookies to bundle later this week. Either way, take my money.

    Also the signed CD is back in stock at Townsend (but not Steps store weirdly) -
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I mean, a number 2 in Q4 for Steps in 2020 should still make them very proud
  9. I really hope they don’t just throw out a digital deluxe edition on Thursday like they did with Kylie. Give us popsockets, facemasks and signed photo bundles. Just give us everything teebs.
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I always read sockpuppet when someone says popsockets and I think I'd prefer those
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  11. It's annoying that Gary Barlow got the Strictly slot, considering Faye's connection to the show. I'd love a big TV performance of To The Beat of My Heart
  12. For me it's the lovechild of 'Something New' and 'Larger than Life' (sorry if somebody has already said, this, I can't keep up).
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  13. BMG probably hadn't set aside as much of a budget for Steps as they did Kylie.

    Id rather they bundled everything now, got a no.1 and forgot about a deluxe later on, rather than settle for a no 2 now and a top 10 in a year's time.
  14. Lurker here too, but I really appreciate everybody's commentary, links to articles, etc. Thank you for your joyous WIT and your Steps love.

    Anyone here going to the Belfast concert? Also, any French fans here?

    Also, love Lisa's foray into commentary on the UK's soft diplomacy in the FAULT magazine interview.
  15. I definitely think we'll get a tour re-issue in 2021

    Kylie's Glow in the Dark Vinyl came a few weeks later - but maybe a crystal ball clear vinyl released this week might spice things up a bit
  16. What do you all think the next single should be? I think "Heartbreak In This City" appeals to the old Steps fans and feels accessible... I could also hear "Clouds" being played on radio. Plus maybe then they can do another dance routine in the clouds a la the "Love U More" performance video hahaha
  17. I think it should be To The Beat Of My Heart. Heartbreak In This City is a great track but it will have limited appeal outside of their fanbase. They should now aim to maintain sales by targetting the larger market.

    They have 11 single-worthy tracks, though, which is a wonderful dilemma to have.
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  18. I *think* I like this album... but it certainly isn't as instant as my first listen to Tears on the Dancefloor. Right now, there are more 'good' tracks for me than there are 'great' ones. I would say Tears on the Dancefloor is definitely the stronger record. If anything, some of these songs sound more like the extra tracks we got on the deluxe edition of that album (Dancing with a Broken Heart, September Sun, Fool for You, Beautiful Battlefield.)

    I'm by no means disappointed but I just don't have that rush of excitement as I did last time around. I'm hoping some of these will grown on me... *fingers crossed*.

    Oh, and I really am not clicking with Father's Eyes... It just doesn't go anywhere and bores me somewhat. Odd choice for them I feel (I've not heard the original).
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  19. W2K


    Isn’t To The Beat Of My Heart pretty much confirmed as the next single since the remixes are coming soon?
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  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I currently think I prefer any of those to pretty much anything here bar the 5 'Singles' and One Touch.
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